Planning Associations

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1. This Planning Association was founded in 1975. It is a registered company limited by guarantee not having a share capital.
2. In 1960, this institute ceased to be a limited company. Thereafter, it became a charity and then in 1970, a supplemental Royal Charter was granted.
3. This Association was founded in 1978. It has a total of 40,000 members from 90 countries and a total of 47 chapters throughout the country.

4. This Planning Association was established in 1919 and works on behalf of over 7,500 planning professionals in the country.

5. This Planning Association was established in 1951. It currently represents approximately 5300 members nationally and internationally, and connects with more than 7500 planners annually.

6. This Planning Association was founded in the year 1949 to empower and promote the planning profession in the country. It possesses 11 branches both within the country and overseas.

7. This Planning Association was established in 1966. IT was recognised as a corporate entity by its registration with the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs.
8. This association was established in 1947 in an Asian country.
9. This Planning Association was formally established in 1969 to promote, advance and raise the study, practice and development of environmental planning in the country.
10. This Global Association is a Scottish charity regulated by the Scottish Charity Regulator.
11. This global association of professional city and regional planners with over 700 experienced professionals from more than 85 countries worldwide was founded in 1965.