10 Best Administrative Skills You Need to Follow

Do you want to boost your administrative career potential? Then there are a few must have administrative skills you need to up your game.

The role of administrative professionals is critical in maintaining a team’s strength, and lots of organizations cannot do without them. Administrative professionals are responsible for ensuring that the organization runs efficiently. These professionals even hold a key part in the management of organizational projects and growth initiatives.

Administrative Skills

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Companies always prefer hiring administrative professionals who fit perfectly into their work culture and corporate goals. There are numerous must-have administrative skills that most of the companies look for. Being an administrative professional, you must have a good hold on such skills. It is because this can help you perform your job in a highly efficient manner. So, here are the 10 best administrative skills you need to keep a check on!

  1. Communication Skills: Individuals in the administrative role must have strong communication skills. Whether it is oral communication for phone calls or meetings, or writing communication for correspondence, you need to be highly effective in such aspects. An administrative professional must be able to communicate effectively with numerous parties, like suppliers, colleagues, clients, and senior management.
  2. Microsoft Office: Strong knowledge in Microsoft Office program is vital for Admin Recruitment Agency. Outlook, Power point, Excel, and Word, all are essential to carry business processes. Being an entry-level administrative professional you can have basic knowledge of such programs, but being a manager or at a senior position you need to have proficiency in all the aspects. From creating templates for handling projects and procedures, you must be efficient in complete Microsoft Office suite.
  1. Database Management: Another highly desired skill is handling database management. Sure, the database choice depends on the programs a business uses. Organizations are always looking for professionals who are confident and can handle database management without errors. Ensuring that data is collected, sorted, and managed in the central data management system is an important skill to be possessed by administrative professionals.
  1. The Skill to Work Autonomously: Administrative experts must be able to show initiatives. Additionally, they must have the skill to work autonomously in different roles that can offer business support. It is a versatile position that often requires the expert to carry a process and analyze information. At the same time, the professional must be able to handle a series of instructions and create efficient actions. The administrative professional must offer support to the other staff so that the project does not slow down and the remaining team is able to work as per the schedule.
  1. Social Media Management: Now-a-days, businesses rely heavily on social media platforms to communicate with their customers. For this reason, it has become increasingly important for businesses to develop a strong social media presence in order to connect and engage with audiences. Common social platforms for businesses are Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. Administrative support employees can help bring an online face to a company by using these social media platforms. These methods of communication help businesses to generate a reliable public image and create strong connections with potential clients.
  1. Enterprise Resource Planning: With technological evolution, the way we work on a daily basis has transformed. Using this technological change in the best interest of a company is Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP. This is business process management software that offers a central repository for all information to enhance the flow of data across a business. Administrative professionals must be familiar with ERP software to generate custom cards and efficiently manage payroll and financial aspects.
  1. A Strong Focus on Accomplishments: Every organization has a set of results that need to be accomplished at a given point in time. Unlike other business roles, the effectiveness of support cannot be estimated in terms of investment, and there are numerous ways to prove employee value. Most of the companies value tangible results. Therefore, administrative professionals must be able to present outcomes in a clear view. This will help the company managers to identify value added by each employee.
  1. Strategic Planning: Administrative professionals must possess the skill of being able to plan strategically. This implies the ability to prioritize tasks in order of importance or planning out the processes for the entire organization to follow. Strategic planning is also essential when arranging employee as well as executive calendars when unexpected changes occur or untimely cancellations or bookings have to be made.
  1. Time Management: In addition to strong strategic planning skills, an administrative professional is expected to possess efficient time management skills. Administrative professionals are efficient time managers who must value punctuality. They can use an electronic calendar or an email program in order to schedule meetings and ensure that everyone is involved in vital business programs. Besides this, the administrative experts must ensure that deadlines are met in a timely manner. When unexpected issues occur, administrative assistants must reschedule priorities accordingly. A skilled administrative professional is one who is able to use time wisely to accomplish outstanding productivity.
  1. Problem-Solving Skills: The role of an administrative professional can be challenging as unexpected problems, and issues can occur at any time. From establishing a procedure for employees to organizing an important meeting, attention to detail is needed when planning different types of business events. Work may be divided up as part of the planning process. Administrative professionals anticipate the resources necessary to ensure that a project is completed on time. Hence, an administrative expert must have problem-solving skills to meet untimely challenges efficiently.

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Summing Up

These are the must-have administrative skills that most of the organization wants from its administrative professional. Such professionals are support staff and being an administrative expert you can stay ahead only when you embrace these skills.

Skills are like an important currency in the working world, and by determining the most in-demand administrative skills, you will be able to develop into a professional that can increase your chances of getting hired and succeed in your position.

Author Bio: Kyra is a Hiring Director at Alliance International – an IT Recruitment Agency. She specializes in helping with international recruiting, staffing, HR services, and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.