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Welcome, fellow urban thinkers, to Planning Tank’s very first newsletter, Planning Times™️. This is a new adventure for us, as we have never before published an issue entirely dedicated to the discipline of planning. We think that this can be a stepping stone, that will refresh, encourage and inspire our website visitors, to embrace the interdisciplinary nature of the profession of planning, and discover many different facets of cities. We do hope you agree with us on our journey to educate and create awareness of this astounding, yet often confusing fraternity of planning.

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ISSUE 2: Market Value of a B.Planner (India) 31st December 2020
ISSUE 3: Theories of Future Cities 26th February 2021

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Procedure to submit articles, report, etc. for the newsletter.

  1. The theme for the newsletter is updated every month. Theme for the month of _______ 2021 is _________________________________.
  2. Articles submitted can be about the theme and can talk about any current events, knowledge dispersal, papers, book reviews, etc. about the theme.
  3. Send us an email to “[email protected]” with the subject as “Planning Times” with your topic & write up in a MS word file (500 – 1000 words). A max. of 10% plagiarism tolerated.
  4. Please include 2-3 lines of author bio at the end of your content.

Note: If you are looking for contributing the article on the website, then please visit our Guest Post page for detailed guidelines.

About the theme – Market value of a B.Planner – Issue 2 

In our previous issue we briefly touched upon the large awareness gap about the planning profession. As we are inching towards 2021, the B.Planning course is nearing it’s 3 decades of existence but still, a lot of confusion, misunderstanding and lack of identity remains.

In this edition of Planning Times, we will be taking viewpoints from the students, faculty members and the practicing professionals. So, what’s in this edition for you and how you can contribute?

  1. Students – Shoot us with your expectations/ ideas/ views about the B.Planning course. What made you choose the course, what were your expectations and how well they are being met. How the expectations changed (if they changed!) once you started studying and where do you see yourself on completion of course or maybe 3-5 years down the line after having finished your studies.
  2. Faculty Members – You plan the most important role and act as the connecting link between the students and the market. Helping and moulding the naïve school students to take on to the challenges of tomorrow, helping them become the leaders in industry. The rapid changes in the market are communicated by you to the students and for the same reason you play the crucial role. Your valuable teaching not only helps the budding planners to excel in the profession but also helps them with the transition to a professional role. What you as a faculty member expect a B.Planner to be placed in industry, what roles can they perform and excel in, how you expect to see your students doing and if they there is something additional (in addition to the course/ curriculum) which they can do/ understand/ study so as to better equip them to grab the opportunities which market has to offer.
  3. Working Professionals – You are the face of the profession. What you do, how well you do and what you are expected to do, all this is something which is known only to you since you are within the market and dealing with the ever changing scenario. Few years of experience provide you with a new and different perspective of the course, market and academia. What you are a professional would like to guide/ suggest to the budding planners to focus on, so that they can take on the challenges and opportunities in a better manner. What were your expectations, how they changed over time and how well they met once you stepped in professional life.

Your insight will help us in making this edition of the newsletter truly yours. It might act as a flashback for a few while at the same time act as the best guidance for others! It also holds the opportunity to make the much needed/ unknown change in the teaching practice and provide a gentle feedback of what was taught to you. The possibilities are endless and thus we wish to include as many viewpoints as possible!

Last date for sending the entries – ________2021

Tentative date of publishing the newsletter – ______2021

Shoot us your contribution and write-up on “[email protected]

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