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Welcome, fellow urban thinkers, Planning Times™️ is a new adventure for us dedicated to the discipline of planning. We think that this can be a stepping stone, that will refresh, encourage and inspire our website visitors, to embrace the interdisciplinary nature of the profession of planning, and discover many different facets of cities. We do hope you agree with us on our journey to educate and create awareness of this astounding, yet often confusing fraternity of planning.

Procedure to submit articles, report, etc. for the newsletter.

  1. The theme for the newsletter is updated every month. Theme for the month of _______ 2021 is _________________________________.
  2. Articles submitted can be about the theme and can talk about any current events, knowledge dispersal, papers, book reviews, etc. about the theme.
  3. Send us an email to “[email protected]” with the subject as “Planning Times” with your topic & write up in a MS word file (500 – 1000 words). A max. of 10% plagiarism tolerated.
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Your insight will help us in making Planning Times truly yours. We believe that our unconventional newsletters holds the opportunity to make the much needed/ unknown change in the profession. The possibilities are endless and thus we wish to include as many viewpoints as possible!

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