Planning Theory

Community Participation Ladder

Sherry R Arnstein’s Ladder of Citizen Participation

Participatory planning or citizen participation aims to harmonise the views between different parties and different views to form a conclusion that is favourable to most of the population in the city or the country that the participatory planning is being conducted in. For instance, in most developed countries where there is an established council bodies …

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Community Participation Ladder

Community Participation | Types, Process & Facilitation

Community participation, public participation or participatory planning are the terms which are used interchangeably but aims at involving people in the community to get the maximum benefit for the whole society. Community participation is about gathering different views from whoever wants to participate and making people in the city feel welcome to voice their opinions. …

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modified von thunen model

Von Thunen’s Model of Land Use and Agriculture

Johann Heinrich von Thunen, who lived from 1783-1850, developed the Von Thunen’s Model of Land Use. Before the industrial revolution, he proposed this model in 1826, in the book entitled The Isolated State. He was a very skilled farmer and was knowledgeable in economics and used this model to look at and understand the different ways people …

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Rational Planning Model

Rational Planning Model

Evolution of different planning models Different authors and scholars coined different planning theories which evolved over time. Planning theories are an attempt to refine the planning process so as to produce better plans. With more and more people working some of the well-known planning concepts like rational planning model, advocacy planning concept, collaborative planning theory, …

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Transactive planning

Transactive planning

Are you looking for some information related to transactive planning? We are here with this article to provide you insights of this topic. Planning can make an event much more successful. Basically, it plays an important role in our life. As a result, we see a society in a different way as they are in …

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Land Records

Modernization of land records in India

Effective management of land resources is central to a nation’s social and economic prosperity. Updated and comprehensive land records play an important role in administering this scarce resource effectively. In India, land records have existed since the pre-colonial period, and were overhauled under British rule. The colonial system, comprising of deeds-based registration and presumptive land …

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