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School Students

This section is primarily focused on the school students who are exploring various career options and wish to explore about the Urban Planning profession. The information and resources provided under this section will aim at providing an overview and introduction, admission process, some information about the course such as subjects and curriculum, future prospects and the challenges faced. It will help you in deciding if this profession catches your interest so that you can compare it with the other options you might be considering.

Architects, Civil Engineers, Sociologists, Geographers and others

It will also be helpful for those who are planning to shift from their existing fields and exploring the option of doing M.Plan. Both the groups will be benefitted with the contents of this section and as well as that of school students section (provided above), so as to gain clarity on what to expect and how to proceed.

Understanding and exploring various career options available to pursue after school becomes a cumbersome process many a times with so many things going simultaneously in life. With huge number of options available in today’s world, getting informal suggestions and advices often adds up to the problem rather than helping and thus, authentic and reliable information from the field professionals becomes most important as this decision has a major stake in deciding your future.

We at Planning Tank consider it our duty to create awareness amongst students regarding the Planning profession which is of utmost importance, yet least explored. Therefore, here are some articles to guide you through this journey of decision making.

Q) Who are Urban Planners and what do they do?

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Q) Why you never heard of Urban Planning before?

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Q) Role of Urban Planners in Government Sector, Private Sector & NGOs

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Q) Colleges offering Urban Planning education in India

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Q) Eligibility criteria and admission process for B. Plan

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Q) How much do you get paid as an Urban Planner?

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Q) Options available after completing undergraduate course

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Q) Planning Education and Practice outside India  

Admission Guide

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