Policy making in Tourism Industry by Samreen | PlanningTank

Tourism policy making

Dilemma in Public policy making The formulation of items on plans that are used by an organization or government as a basis for making decision is how policy making is described conventionally. There is a need to discuss the problems that hinges on how one defines policy making. Public policy is viewed as whatever governments

Free Online Course by ESRI – Earth Imagery at Work

ESRI - Earth Imagery at Work

Earth Imagery at Work by ESRI A Massive Open Online Course from ESRI. Millions of adult learners around the world use massive open online courses (MOOCs) to expand their horizons and advance their careers.  Important Dates:  Duration – September 6, 2017 – October 17, 2017 Registration closes September 20, 2017 Why imagery is information. Digital

Primary Data Collection Methods | Need, Surveys & Types

Data collection methods

What is data collection and why it is performed? Data collection is basically the process of collecting data from different sources under any specified work environment to get answers to some predefined questions trying to gather information about some certain issue. Data is collected for various purposes like educational & research purposes, business research, marketing

Optimizing Autonomous Modes of Transport with on Demand Mobility Systems

Cycle parking

Private automobiles in the past century have changed the standard of personal urban mobility by facilitating door to door travel options in cities around the world. However, this mobility system has posed various challenges to factors such as its dependence on oil, production of greenhouse gases, congestion, and ever-increasing demand for parking spaces. Recently, it