How to Write in an Academic Style? | PlanningTank

How to write in Academic Style

Academic writing is planned and focused, strict and formal. It is widely used by people of different professions. The main aim of this writing is to discuss certain subjects objectively. If comparing the creative and academic styles, the former one includes personal voice and opinion. The latter type is used to avoid subjectivity which can

Relation Between Advocacy & Plural Planning with case studies

Plural Planning

Overview  – Advocacy Planning & Plural Planning Advocacy and plural plan making work on the simple principle to provide equity among all classes in the society, yet loopholes do exist. Studying them along with the claims, may lead to some solutions for the future plan making, if ever implemented. There is an inter-relationship between advocacy

How to Design An Eco-Friendly Logo To Reduce Print Waste?

Eco-Friendly Logo To Reduce Print Waste - Eco branded Logo

Having a logo is extremely crucial especially if you’re a fresh-off-the-boat company with no prior exposure and your target audience has no knowledge of your existence or what you’re trying to sell. Logos help consumers to better recall and identify a particular company that offers them unique products and services that satisfy their needs. However,

E- Toilet in Smart Cities in India | Need and Funding

Smart City Logo

India has a population of around 1.2 billion people and it is astonishing that 55 % of this population do not have access to toilets. No access to toilets means open defecation which ultimately leads to various kinds of diseases. The situation of absence of toilets in even very critical for school going children specially

Global Water Security – The Way Forward


“WATER is not only for life … water is life.” – Antonio Guterres, United Nations/Secretary General Water Security is the thread that links together the intricate web of food, energy, climate, economic growth and human security challenges that the world economy is expected to face over the next coming decades. Anthropogenic actions and unthoughtful exploitation