NOSPlan Honorarium

Following structure will be used for pay-out purpose. All payments will be processed as per agreed upon schedule. Minimum word count for any article is 800 words. Word count will be as per the word count shown as per MS Word document since the word count differs slightly from software to software.  Payment will be as follows for all contributions.

To join our team as a regular contributor you will be required to submit 2 articles (800-1000 words) for evaluation purpose. These submissions will have a fix price of Rs. 200 per article.  You may or may not be provided with credits for these articles. These may be published on our website, our partner’s website or 3rd party websites in name of Planning Tank. After this evaluation, you will be informed if your writing style meets our requirement and we would like to have more articles written from you.

Payment Structure

NOSPlan Honorarium

Note 1: An extra amount of 10% of the article price will be paid if it contains well formatted list, unique infographic, tables, pros and cons and other such useful information.

Note 2: For any article whose word count which does not fall into these slabs, the lower slab will be considered for its payment.

Note 3: Following is applicable in addition to the payment structure above

  1. Partial/ Mixed Credits – An additional 10% on final price computed using above structure with credits.
  2. No Credits (Ghost writing) – An additional 20% on final price computed using above structure with credits.
  3. No Credits (Rewriting) – No additional amount will be paid. The payment structure in table above will be final.

Following will not be counted towards total word count for payment purpose:

  1. Avoidable repetition or words/ phrases will be removed before deciding total word count.
  2. References, Citation, Credits, Author bio & similar information which does not form the body/ content of the article.
  3. Any words/ part of content deleted by us
  4. Any words/ part added by us to your content
  5. Quoted text, not written by you. Eg. Quotes, text taken from speech/ other website/ source.

Credits, content ownership & copyrights

Content being submitted to Planning Tank will be used in different forms. Authors contributing this content can be largely classified into following types:

  1. Ghost Writers & rewriters – You will not be provided any credit in any form. Your content will be published as anonymous/ as that of Planning Tank/ any member of Planning Tank depending on our requirements. You will act as Ghost Author in this case with no rights over content in any form once it is submitted.
  2. Authors/ contributors – A short author bio (2-3 lines) at the end of the article when publishing on website or as considered appropriate by Planning Tank.
  3. Partial or Mixed Credits – You will be provided with Partial Credits i.e. your name will appear along with that of Planning Tank or as that of a Planning Tank team member with or without 2-3 lines of bio about you or Planning Tank or a combination of both. Such contributions will help you utilize our network and build a stronger presence over the internet. We will pitch the article to our partners which increases the acceptance of articles. Your contribution will be used as that of a Planning Tank member.