World’s coolest Bus Stop: books, rooftop garden & swing | Singapore

Singapore has just shown the world how it’s done!

Political willingness and creativity blends in to create one of the most creative piece of urban infrastructure. Although Singapore have decent bus stops when compared to other countries but the efforts never stop. Recently a collaboration between government and an architectural firm gave birth to this new and unique design which is catching eyes all over the Singapore and now all over the world.

World's coolest Bus Stop: books, rooftop garden & swing | Singapore

 Books, Swings, Rooftop Garden & interactive screen! (Courtesy of Infocomm Media Development Authority)

Users are having a good time and waiting for a bus doesn’t not seems to be frustrating at all! Books will keep you busy & swing will add to the good part in waiting. Not only this, these newly designed bus stops are interactive with large touch enabled screens.

You might think that with all these features which will require electricity, these might cause burden on the environment. To overcome these a part of the electricity required will come from the solar panels installed on these bus stops. This in addition with the rooftop garden adds to the environmental conscience and sensitivity the design has offered. Care has been taken to minimize the carbon footprint of this urban infrastructure.

World's coolest Bus Stop: books, rooftop garden & swing | Singapore

Visitors exploring the touch enables screen. (Courtesy of Infocomm Media Development Authority)

DP Architects (a Singaporean firm) answered the daunting question which was in front of them “What if the humble bus stop could be a place you actually looked forward to frequenting?” The designers have managed it well and the creativity is well reflected in the design itself. Seah Chee Huang, the firm’s director added “We wanted to redesign a commonplace thing we take for granted,”

World's coolest Bus Stop: books, rooftop garden & swing | SingaporeIn case you missed it, pay attention to the green plants: Rooftop Garden! (Courtesy of Infocomm Media Development Authority)

These bus stops have seating (as per the national standards) , a rack of books for all ages, from Enid Blyton to Ray Bradbury, bicycle parking, a swing, artwork, and a rooftop garden, solar panels and small tree.

The “interactive” is is much more than a simple touch screen offering a pre loaded information. Its is hyperconnected. Apart from the books kept on the shelf you can access books from national library through QR code, charge your mobile phone (the worst part of smartphones!) , plan your journey, get timings and running status of buses and check fastest routes! Another interesting feature is getting weather updates, breaking news, events near you and many more.

What next?

These cool us stops have been in operation for about 6 months now. Another 6 months have been kept to “test” the new design and get feedback from people. Finding out the best and most loved feature. The most voted features might be incorporated in the old bus stops but that will take some time and depends on public’s feedback.

Khoong says that so far, it’s clear that one of the most popular elements is the phone charging station. “Cell phone batteries are never updated fast enough for us,” he laughs. “People always need chargers.” Passengers are also making good use of the interactive boards, he says.

Seah of DP Architects hopes his firm will have the opportunity to design more stops. “We want to make waiting for Singapore’s buses a joyful and enriching experience,” he says.