Must-Read Articles for Urban Planners (General)

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A collection of Must Read articles for Urban Planners




Urban Journalism & Opinion

Admissions & higher studies

  1. Importance of Urban Planning
  2. Latest technology trends in urban planning
  3. Understanding the limitations of planning
  4. What Urban Planning needs to learn from Civil Aviation
  5. Benefits of 3D modelling in Urban Planning
  6. How Big Data Solves the Urban Planning Challenge?
  7. Urban Planning & Technology – A never ending chase!
  8. Use of GIS Application in Planning Projects
  9. GIS (Geographic Information System) in Urban Planning
  10. Basis of Infrastructure Planning for Urban Planners
  11. Is Urban Planning meant for you?
  12. How Clinical Research can help in Urban or Environmental Planning
  13. Placement scenario after M.Plan from School of Planning & Architecture, Delhi
  14. Tips for Students Planning to Study in Western Countries


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