Must-Read Articles for Urban Planners (General)

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A collection of Must Read articles for Urban Planners




  1. Urban Planning – A largely unknown profession
  2. Why political agendas never solve your problems (Part 1 of 3)
  3. Planning process without Planners (Part 2 of 3)
  4. Loss to community because of incompetent planners (Part 3 of 3)
  5. Planners as Knowledge Workers- Key to nation’s growth!
  6. Urban Planning – The Open but Hidden Gold Mine
  7. Importance of Urban Planning
  8. Little cognizance about Planning as an academic course
  9. Urban Planning and Economic Development
  10. Planning Education and Practice in New Zealand
  11. Tips before starting a Planning degree
  12. What is Environmental Planning?

Urban Journalism & Opinion

  1. The Need and Importance of Journalism in Urban Planning
  2. Selling “Urban Planning” as a product in Indian market
  3. Urban Planning in India | Lack of Planners & Educational Institutions
  4. What Urban Planning needs to learn from Civil Aviation
  5. The need of revisiting “Food, Clothing and Shelter” as basic necessities for survival

Admissions & higher studies

  1. Importance of Urban Planning
  2. Latest technology trends in urban planning
  3. Understanding the limitations of planning
  4. What Urban Planning needs to learn from Civil Aviation
  5. Benefits of 3D modelling in Urban Planning
  6. How Big Data Solves the Urban Planning Challenge?
  7. Urban Planning & Technology – A never ending chase!
  8. Use of GIS Application in Planning Projects
  9. GIS (Geographic Information System) in Urban Planning
  10. Basis of Infrastructure Planning for Urban Planners
  11. Is Urban Planning meant for you?
  12. How Clinical Research can help in Urban or Environmental Planning
  13. Placement scenario after M.Plan from School of Planning & Architecture, Delhi
  14. Tips for Students Planning to Study in Western Countries


  1. Top 5 Urban Planning Quotes and their Meanings
  2. The Timeline: A Guide for Students of Planning

Most Useful Categories

Books – Some of the top picks of book reviews/ summaries of Urban Planning books.

  1. About the book: Image Of City by Kevin A. Lynch
  2. Four Good Books on Indian Urbanisation
  3. 5 Good Books on Transport
  4. 5 Must Read Books on Public Spaces
  5. John Friedman’s Theories of Economic Planning
  6. Jane Jacob’s vision for cities
  7. Doreen Massey on Urban Space
  8. Influence on Urban Planning by Kevin A. Lynch
  9. Edward Soja’s Theories of Urban Space

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Compendium – Hand picked article series which covers an issue/ topic in detail. Perfect for someone looking forward to understand an issue in depth or for literature study.

Environment – Articles covering various environmental concerns and topics.

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