STEEPLE Analysis of United States

STEEPLE analysis is a tool or framework utilized by the merchandisers to monitor and analyze the external environment of marketing or the macro-environmental aspects that offers an effect on any company, industry, or organization. The full form of Steeple stands for socio-cultural, technological, environmental, economic, political, legal, and ethical aspects concerning the United States. To attain maximum technological and infrastructural brilliance, Steeple analysis is essential. Let us have a brief look at these aspects below:

STEEPLE Analysis United States

  • Social aspects: With almost 327.2 million people, the United States is the third most heavily settled place of the earth. Although this place is also hugely diverse, the health-care and education system of the United States is one of the most efficient and unique sectors. Hence, it is not cheap and people living here are usually health-conscious. But there is a massive availability of junk food culture. This allows for innumerable illnesses and obesity. Recently there is racial tension here as from 1980, socio-economic status has been decreasing.
  • Technological aspects: The United States appears to be the earth’s most prosperous place regarding technology and sciences. Companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple, along with other distinct techs, not only caters for all the technological requirements of Americans, but also of the population of the earth. The United States of America also applies and adapts new technology in a massive array of fields. Innovation rapidly expands here. Numerous production services are relocated and jobs have been transferred from here. But countries like India, China, and South Korea offer sturdy challenges to it.
  • Environmental aspects: Despite the harsh weather conditions, the United States has innumerable kinds of fauna and flora. This extensive fauna and flora attract every heart of the tourists from all over the earth. It has sustained more than 218 climate and weather adversities from 1980. Recently wildfires devastated California and this not only disrupted the normal life of people but has also damaged the financial situation.
  • Economic aspects: The United States happens to be the world’s hugest economy concerning the nominal GDP. The leading companies including McDonald’s, Subway, Apple,  Microsoft, Facebook, Coca-Cola, Google that shapes the economy of the world. In 2009, the recession affected it. But the unemployment rate was decreased in 2015. Labor cost is higher concerning India, Mexico, and China. The stocks have dropped rapidly. Also, the U.S. Iran standoff, US-China trade conflict has caused a recession in this place.
  • Political aspects: The United States offers a huge influence on the world’s political spheres. This place due to its interventionist policies has faced international criticism. The USA is also the best place for FDI. It also promotes and advocates democracy all through the earth.
  • Legal aspects: Every state of the United States has its legal scheme and government structure. This place offers an equal measure of foreigners and nationals. It offers strong legal action regarding property rights and unbiased trials.
  • Ethical aspects: The United States of America holds outs apt ethical methods regarding accounting, health, technology, social networking and dealings with discrimination and harassment.

Thus to conclude, the above-mentioned six aspects of Steeple affect companies and merchandising. All of these factors impact the companies in various ways. Such analysis offers a comprehensive idea about the United States’ attributes regarding all fields.