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Suggested Topics:

Theme – Urban Journalism

  1. The need and importance of journalism in planning
  2. Role & need of explanatory journalism in planning
  3. How to create awareness about Planning via social media & online platforms?
  4. Understanding role of ITPI, its functions and effectiveness
  5. Role of ITPI, AICTE, UGC in framing the syllabus and promoting planning education
  6. How to advertise/ sell/ market “Urban Planning” in the market?
  7. Why Urban Planning remains an unknown and undervalued field?
  8. Agencies, institutions working for planning
  9. The current educational setup and it’s effectiveness
  10. Need of entrepreneurship in the field of planning

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Frequently Asked Questions (Last Updated  – 01 June 2020)

  1. Is Planning Tank a media website?
    No, Planning Tank is not a news/ media website. Urban Journalism is an extension of our existing content type. Journalism, is often understood and assumed to be “reporting” in nature. However, we at Planning Tank are not working or associated with reporting form of journalism.
  2. What kind of journalism is being talked about?
    Planning Tank aim to provide information about Urban Planning & associated fields. Thus as an extension to our current set of activities, we are working on Explanatory Journalism & Columns. We do not work on “reporting” or such aspects. We might cover facts which can be linked closely to factual journalism however the motive remains different.
  3. Who can participate?
  4. Any student enrolled in a full time/ part time course in any of the government approved institute can participate.
    Participation is now open for everyone – Students, Faculty Members, Professionals & Researchers.
  5. Who is a student of planning?
    A student pursuing a degree in Urban Planning/ Town Planning/ Regional Planning and similar disciplines. They are usually awarded a B.Plan/ B.Tech (in planning)/ M.Plan or an equivalent degree.
  6. Are students from courses such related to Public Policy and Environmental Engineering participate?
    Yes students undertaking these courses are also eligible. Please get in touch at “[email protected]” with more information about your course and institute in case of any confusion.
  7. Is it open for students outside India?
    Right now we are restricting the participation from India students. However if you wish to send your article and contribute, get in touch at [email protected] and we will get back to you with relevant details.
  8. What is the mode of payment for honorarium?
    For Indian nationals, we will make the payment by Google Pay/ Paytm/ UPI. In case none of the method is available, we will work on an alternative such as Amazon or Flipkart gift card, Mobile Recharge etc. Details will be provided if we encounter any problem with the normal payment modes. For any payment outside India, possible payment modes will be discussion on selection of article.
  9. I do not want to write on these topics/ theme but want to get my article published, is it possible?
    Yes, we are regularly accept and look forward such articles and usually refer to them as “Guest Posts”. Such contributors include our active members & contributors and are an important part of Planning Tank. We will be glad to have your article/s published. Get in touch on for more information and queries.
  10. Can I participate send articles for “Environmental Planning & Inclusive Planning” also?
    We are inviting articles dealing with Environmental Planning & Inclusive Planning also, you are free to send your entries for it however total number of entries are restricted to 3 per author. Eg. you can send 3 articles on Environmental Planning, or a combination or Environmental Planning & Inclusive Planning, or 1 each from Environmental Planning, Inclusive Planning & Urban Journalism.
  11. Will I be given credits for my work?
    You will be provided with credits by providing a 2-3 lines of author bio which will be available at end of the article. By sending us your articles, you allow Planning Tank an exclusive right to publish, modify, adapt and use your article in any manner.
  12. Can I send my previously published work?
    No, we do not accept such content. The submission should be written for Planning Tank and must not be plagiarized or published on any other platform in any manner.
  13. What about the articles which will not be published?
    Honorarium will be paid only to contributors whose articles we choose to publish. If your article is not selected, you will not be paid any monetary amount. However if we find your article to be of use, we will contact you for more information. Any content which is not published by us, remains with you and can be reused as you feel correct and necessary.
  14. I am not a student but wish to participate/ send articles, is it possible?
    Yes, we are always looking forward contributors. This invitation for articles is limited to students, however in future invitations we plan to invite faculty members, academicians, working professionals also. If wish to contribute right now, you can submit your entries as Guest Contributors, get in touch with us for more details.  Participation is now open for everyone!
  15. I have more questions, or my question isn’t answered
    Please get in touch with at “[email protected]” with your question/ queries and we will respond asap. Also, we will update this list of questions as and when required.