Choosing The Perfect Garage Door For Home Security

Homeowners make sure that their houses are secure. Protecting everything that is inside the home including all of the precious belongings is a must. This is one of the reasons why people are finding ways to make their space as secure as possible. Even when the homeowner is in or not, the house needs to be secure at all times.

            A garage door is a “must-have” wherever you are from. Your garage should not be a way for burglars to enter and exit the house. There are many contractors who can provide the right equipment and service for home security.

The Need For A Garage Door

Some people would think that having a garage door is not a need. But considering what’s inside the garage; it’s either the cars, tools and even the sports equipment are enough reasons why a garage door is important. But aside from that, having a garage door provides other benefits.

House with Garage

  • Maximum Security. If the garage door is worn, it is more vulnerable to break-ins. This will not only put what’s inside the garage at risk but also the homeowner’s safety. The garage doors serve as a safety precaution for children and pets against accidents.
  • Better Insulation. Worn out garage doors are not properly insulated. During the cold months, cold air will get into the garage that can seep into the house. And during the summer months, it will feel like a sauna. Having a new garage door will prevent the hot air from getting in during the hot months and the cold air during winter.

What To Consider When Installing A Garage Door

            When planning to install or change a garage door, there are a few factors to consider. Check online for the latest trends in garage doors that can provide the best security, or contact one of the best garage door installers in town.

Garage Door Type

            When choosing a garage door type, consider the space and what the garage would need. There are four types of garage doors to choose from. Many garage door contractors have all of these types since not all garage are the same. They come in different sizes and needs. The three types of garage doors are:

  • Roll-Ups. This rolls overhead when opened. This may be more pricey compared to other garage door types and is a high maintenance type.
  • Sectional Garage Doors. This is made of 3 or maybe 4 panels that are connected with hinges.
  • Tilt-Ups. A single-panel door that one can open with a track mounted to the ceiling.

Garage Door Material

            Garage doors are made of different materials depending on the buyer’s preference in. wood, steel aluminum and also vinyl and fiberglass are the most common materials used in a garage door.

  • Wood. Perfect for a classic look. However, this is one of the least durable among the choices.
  • Fiberglass. This material is durable but can be prone to cracks especially in the extreme cold weather.
  • Aluminum. When moisture is a problem, this is the perfect garage door material. It does not corrode or rust.
  • Steel. The most common and widely used garage door material. This is the most affordable as well. It is durable and has a high level of security.
  • Vinyl. The newest garage door material. It is very affordable, highly-durable and very low on maintenance.

Manual or Electric?

            Having a manual garage door opener is enough for most people. But with the advancement and changes in technology, many are curious about the electric garage door opener. When changing or renovating a garage door, this is another factor to consider. Maybe it’s time to make a change and give the electric garage door opener a try. Here are the benefits of an electric garage door opener.

Bike Parking Garage Door

  • The Photo Eye. this is one of the best features of an electric garage door opener that is not possible with a manual opener. The photo-eye are sensors located on the sides of the garage door, normally connected to a light beam. The door will not close when the beam is interrupted. The feature will prevent your door from closing abruptly.
  • Keypad Entry. This tops the security features of electric garage doors. Manual garage doors are highly at risk for break-ins. With the keypad entry security, the only individuals that can open the door are the ones who have the password.

When To Call A Garage Door Expert?

            When the garage door loses its functions, it is time to call for help. There are many garage door service and maintenance provider especially in Los Angeles and choosing the right one to do the job can be a hard task. Luckily, Los Angeles residents can get in touch with the best garage door experts like Clarks Garage Door & Gate Repair for example, since they are one of the best garage door installers and repair company that most residents trust.

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