Driveway Electric Gates, Repair or Replacement

Electric Gates need to be maintained all the time. Every household need this to ensure security not only for the property but most importantly for the family. Many cases of break-ins happened in 2017. And most of these cases are due to lack of security at home.

Whether its a replacement or repair, any damage noted on the electric gate should be checked as soon as possible. When choosing a new gate for your home, there are factors to consider before you make that final decision. You need to look into security, its aesthetics, the functionality, whether its manual or electric and most importantly, the safety. 

Different Types Of Electric Gates

There are different kinds of electric gates. All of these are perfect for home security. Some are easy to install, some would need an expert like the Same Day Electric Gate Repair Los Angeles, if you are from Los Angeles.

Fencing & Gate

Swing Gates. This gate can be a single or double. It can be manually operated or it can also be automated. When an automated gate is considered but the space is too small, then consider having a single swing gate. For the double swing gate, on the other hand, this is perfect for wide-spaced openings. This gate opens like a simple door; either inward or outward.

  • Single Swing Gates. It is cost effective and will require only one motor. It opens like a bedroom door. This is preferred on level planes where the driveways are normally flat.
  • Double Swing Gates. This is more artistic compared to the single swing gate.

Tapered Gates. If it is a sloped driveway, electric or manual gates are still possible. All you need to have is an experienced gate manufacturer and installer to make it possible for a tapered gate to be installed.

Metal Gate

Automated Sliding Gates. This gate is perfect when you have limited depth for a protruding swing gate. This can be possible to fit even a wide opening and can either be automated or manual. The different types of slide gates are:

  • “V” – track. The most common yet very reliable slide gate. However, this is not a good recommendation for snowy areas since it should be kept clear from any debris.
  • Rear Pipe Track. There are two wheels attached on the end of the gate which are located on the pipes. These are mounted on fence panels. There is a wheel carriage on the front which is composed of one rubber wheel and the other is a “V” track wheel.
  • Cantilever Slide Gate. This is much preferred to snowy areas. It does not have any wheels so it slides over the driveway easily. There are three types of Cantilever; the full cantilever, top hand and the bottom track cantilever gates.
  • Barrier Gates. These are more commonly used in parking garages, or maybe toll booths and traffic control areas. This is intended purposely for vehicle or either traffic control. This gate is only best for controlling the traffic but not a very good option for house gates.
  • Vertical Pivot Gates. This is the perfect choice when the space is not enough for a swing or slide gates. This is also a good alternative when security is needed instead of using a Barrier Gate. this is a tall steel gate that can rise and fall to let cars through. This 8-feet gate will move up where the sides stick up in the air.
  • Vertical Lift Gates. This is commonly used in commercial buildings. The gate will lift vertically and straight up over the vehicles, allowing them to pass under. This is one of the most secure gates on this list. 

Metal Door

The Best Time To Call An Electric Gate Repairman

Inspect the gate regularly. When there are unfamiliar squeaking sounds when the door is being opened, or when it stops working altogether, this is the perfect time to have the electric gate repairman over to check on it and assess if it needs a replacement. Aside from that, there are other things to check:

  • Gate Will Not Close. When nothing is causing your door NOT to close than it’s mechanical failure. It can be a chain issue as well.
  • Beeping Sounds. Beeping sounds are usually experienced when the power is low, it can be a battery problem or maybe an electrical issue.
  • Worn-Out Hinges. Gate stability will be put at risk when the gate has been used for a long time now. This will result in issues with closing and open the gate.

Having a fully-functional electric gate is a must. It saves time and effort, and it also prevents any unwanted circumstances from happening, like break-ins. Choosing a good electric gate should be learned. Don’t settle for anything less. And when the gate needs repair, have an expert check it out as soon as possible.

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