Guide to using online logo generators | Pros & Cons


When any company or organization is represented on any commercial platform, their logo is their face. It is what the customers recognize and is an integral part of brand value and marketing. So if you are deciding to go on business, designing your logo is something which you should take something very seriously. If you do it right and your logo tells a story, reaching out to your potential customers becomes easy. For example, you have all seen the logo of the famous e-commerce website Amazon, did you know that arrow in the logo denotes that they deliver everything from a to z or the white stripes in the IBM logo stands for the equality with which they treat all their employees? There are many talented artists who take assignments for professional logo designing from companies and do excellent jobs. But if that goes too hard on your pocket; you can always try out some of the online logo generators. However, there are some demerits and merits for both the scenarios. Discussing that, we have a list of all the pros and cons of online logo generators so that whichever road you decide to go down, you will know what to expect.

Online Logo Generator - Pros & Cons

PROS of using online logo generator

  1. Very obviously, the first and the foremost reason why you should a free online logo generator are that it is free. If you have a very small business or have just started and cannot really afford a design team, there are various websites which can come to your rescue and design your company’s identity for free.
  2. The logo design websites have a wide range of options to choose from. You can also try and see various effects and layers and how they look in on your logo. It will give your logo the professional touch that it both needs and deserves.
  3. The software is very easy to use, especially if you are working for the first time in this genre. It is also pretty user-friendly and some of the websites have tutorial videos to help you out. Also, you will not be needing any great or excellent ideas and unnecessarily spend time over it. The software will do that for you.
  4. If you are going for an online designer, it will save you a lot of time. If you need the logo to be designed urgently, you might not be able to hire and assemble a designing team in such short notice, In that case, the online logo generators are your only resort.

CONS of using online logo generator

  1. Since it is an online platform and is not being designed by any artist; obviously the online logo generators will lack the personal touch. Moreover, the designs might have a lack of creativity or originality since you have to choose from a number of preset designs. Even if you have any original ideas it will be difficult to incorporate them. Same goes without saying for the fonts as well.
  2. If you are using a free logo maker, it might not be a very professional work. The editing, the features accessible to you both will be somewhat limited in number. If you want to use any special effect or layering in your logo, the free logo generator might not give you that freedom.
  3. When you are going for a professional logo design company, you can tell them what exactly your needs or requirements are and what type of business or organization it is for which you need the logo. The experts can also suggest something accordingly. However, if you are going for a free logo generator online, such services are obviously not available to you.
  4. Another issue that you might face while designing your company logo via an online logo maker is that of copyright. Copyrighting laws can be pretty complex and tough for people to understand without any legal background. If you are hiring a design company, there will be people who expertise in this matter and can do the needful to protect your right over the creation. But if you are going for an online designer website, no such legal help will be provided and you will have to handle this issue on your own.
  5. Sometimes, it is something more than what meets the eye. You may be lured into this whole thing of free logo generator, but after some point, you will realize that the service is not at all free. They will ask you to subscribe and pay a certain amount of money if you completely want to access all the features. Probably, just a few of the features will be available for free, which will be of no good anyway. So, if you spending the money, isn’t it better to hire a team of designers instead of going online?
  6. From my personal experience, I have seen that since they are free, many of the online logo makers will imprint their watermark on your logo, you cannot get rid of that unless you pay for the service.

Online Logo Generator Sample Logo

So, the above was a complete list of what to expect and what not while you designing the logo for your company. This is so that, no unexpected surprises come your way in the middle of the project for which you have to alter your core plan.  Now it is you who needs to take the decision which way you wish to go, it may also depend on the time you have in hand, the type and size of the business of your organization and most importantly your budget. Though logo designing is an important part of marketing, there is no point in spending a huge amount of money on it, if you are a little tight on budget. You can always start with a free logo generator and then move onto a more professional one once your time and budget permits it. We hope this article is of great help to you your business blooms in time with an awesome logo representing it everywhere.