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Nakshe – An online portal by Survey of India (SOI) will allow you to use and download pdf of Open Series Maps on 1:50K scale. “Nakshe” means Maps in English and thus the name “Nakshe” for the portal which will provide access to maps. All Indian residents having Aadhaar number can access the pdf OSM maps through nakshe after verification. They can use the map for their Studies, researches, development Projects. Export, commercialization, alteration and any kind of illegal practices are not allowed in this pdf OSM maps.

Till now a person was required to visit the Survey of India store to get these maps and toposheets by paying a fixed amount. Nakshey will eliminate this need as more and more maps will be made available through this online portal.

You can visit the Nakshey website here

This might be in conflict with the draft Geospatial Information Regulation bill 2016 which was introduced last year. Geo Spatial Bill had serious implication on urban planning and related fields for the restrictions imposed over using, printing and possessing any kind of maps or topographical data. But with launch of “Nakshe” it can be interpreted that the Geo Spatial Information Bill will not be implemented anytime soon!

Features of Nakshe Portal:

1. Topographic maps or Open Series Maps (OSM) contains natural and man-made geographical features including terrain or topography.

2. The maps are prepared by the Survey of India (SoI) and are in conformity with National Map Policy 2005.

3. They are available to download through Aadhaar enabled user authentication process in line with the Digital India programme of the Govt. of India.

4. The maps are meant for development activities in the country, and can be also used to plan scientific expeditions, research and planning development projects.Nakshe website by Survey of India (SOI)

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About Survey of India

Survey of India the National Mapping Agency to Government of India under Department of Science & Technology bears a special responsibility to ensure that the country’s domain is explored and mapped suitably, provide base maps for expeditious and integrated development and ensure that all resources contribute with their full measure to the progress, prosperity and security of our country now and for the generations to come.

Topographical Maps – These were printed by Survey of India on 1:250,000;  1:50,000 and 1:25,000 scales. Technically they were based on Everest Datum and Polyconic Projection.

Open Series Maps (OSM) – These are prepared on 1:250,000;  1:50,000 and 1:25,000 scales for the use of general public/civilians for supporting development activities in the country. Technically maps of this series are based on WGS-84 Datum and UTM Projection.

Topographical Sheet No., OSM Sheet No. & Area Covered

Defence Series Maps (DSM) – These are prepared on 1:250,000;  1:50,000 and 1:25,000 scales for the use of defence forces of India for supporting national security requirements. Technically maps of this series are based on WGS-84 Datum and LCC Projection.

General Wall Maps – Various types of maps are published under this category. These include Map of India & Adjacent Countries, Political Map of India, Physical Map of India, Road Map of India, The World Map, Tourist map series etc.

Educational Topographical Maps (On 1:50,000 scale) –These are printed with Arbitrary Grid, soon they are going to be replaced by Educational OSM Sheets. Following Sheet Nos. are covered in this category:

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