Learn About – Marine Pollution Act 1987 – Planning Tank

Country/Territory: Australia

Territorial Subdivision: New South Wales

Document Type: Legislation

Date: 1987 (2006)


An Act relating to the protection of the sea and certain waters from pollution by oil and other noxious substances discharged from ships; to repeal the Prevention of Oil Pollution of Navigable Waters Act 1960 and for related purposes.

Subject:  Sea, Environment gen.

Keyword: Marine pollution Effluent wastewater/discharge Offences/penalties Oil pollution International agreement-implementation Hazardous substances Transport/storage

Geographical area: Oceania

Abstract: The Act consists of 6 Parts, i.e. Preliminary (1), Pollution by oil (2), Pollution by noxious substances (3), Pollution relating to transfer operations (4), Ships carrying or using oil or carrying noxious liquid substances(5), Miscellaneous(6), and 6 Schedules. The Act makes provision for the protection of the sea and certain waters from pollution.

Full text: English

Reference: http://www.austlii.edu.au

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