A Guide to Domestic Solar and Wind Energy

Global warming is taking control over the normal climatic conditions of this planet earth day by day.  The duty to save this planet from the potential hazards of global warming lies on its dwellers. Every human being can put their share to cu down on the impact of their lifestyle on the environment.

What You Can Do For Environment?

There are many things that you can do to put your efforts to keep the environment clean and reduce the risk of global warming. These things include preferring public transportation over private cars, adoption of vegan diet, cycling and recycling of recyclable products and less consumption of some the available options.

Choosing Solar and Wind Energy

You can choose solar and wind energy for your residential place. This can make a big difference in the reduction of carbon footprint. To adopt solar and wind energy, you can use solar panels and wind turbines in your residential place.

Solar Panels

Solar or photovoltaic panels are specially tailored to capture the solar power energy. Solar panels are crystalline silicon units that absorb sunlight and convert that sunlight into reusable electricity. That electricity is stored in the battery. The batteries are recharged by the solar panels as soon the battery falls below a certain level. Solar panels can be mounted on the freestanding solar array rack or on the rooftop. It is possible to combine the residential solar energy with the wind energy to produce renewable energy for domestic usage.

Wind Turbines

These are the electrical generators that make use of wind energy to generate clean power for the residential, small businesses, and farms uses. This form of energy production is getting popularity, especially among individuals as they can produce their own power. With this energy, individuals can cut down on their electricity bills and can play important role for the betterment of environment concurrently.

Small Wind Turbines and the U.S

The United States is the leading country in the generation of small wind turbines. These wind turbines are rated with capacities of 100 kilowatts and less than that. The market of wind turbines continues to grow. Both the domestic solar and wind energy is getting popularity and more and more people are directing towards these two energy generation options.

Combine Residential Solar and Wind Energy

It is possible to combine residential solar and wind energy for the production of power. Ideally, it an easily be done on the location that is blessed with both the sufficient amount of solar power energy and wind. In these conditions, the household can either choose to live intertie to a utility company or the off-grid location for the surplus electricity. This would enable the household to sell out any surplus electricity that is produced by the solar units and wind turbines by the grid.  Whatever the option the household chooses, it will work in their favor and enable them to save a considerable amount of money.