Interesting Facts About Solar Power

When it comes to buy a thing, you can try it after buying it and even post a review about it on internet for others. However, when it comes to transferring to Renewable power sources, most probably Solar power, one simply cannot go and try after buying it. It’s understood that transfer to renewable energy requires a lot of investment.

Probably you already have read enough advantages of Renewable energies as well as how you can get your money back on investment. So, lets just keep this thing to some interesting facts about Solar Power because understanding some facts about Solar power will certainly help you in deciding whether to make that huge investment on Solar power or not.

Demand Of Solar Power Is Increasing By 25% Every Year!

No wonders Solar Power demand is increasing at this rate since it is the ecological renewable source of energy.

Moreover, it is a consistent source of energy. Although our energy resource Sun is restricted in appearance(hence the amount of energy you are getting) but gives us energy at a fixed pattern – day and night!.

Solar Power Is Certainly An Old Pal

Solar cells were first invented in 1876 – certainly old enough. A question may come in your mind that, why it took so long for Solar Power to be adopted? Even today a transfer to Solar energy requires huge investment similarly same was the case then. However much more investment was needed then as compared with today. Technology was also new at that time – you know how it works! Another reason was, at that time output of Solar panels wasn’t remarkable hence increasing the efficiency took time as well.

Output And Efficiency Of Solar Panels

Output and efficiency of Solar cells depends on where you are located – obviously in Arizona your cells will be delivering you best but what would you expect in Pacific Northwest? Moreover, you also need to set Solar panels on a big space to get the best out of them. If, at some point later you need more energy you can always add more panels to the existing ones.

Moreover with arrangement of batteries one can easily store enough energy to be used at night hence you can completely cut-off power connections from the money-hungry companies. If you choose not to do that and your panels are producing more energy than you use then, due to net metering, they will pay you for that extra power– how does that sound?

Government Incentives For Solar Power Users

Now, unlike before, United States government has also realized importance of renewable energy. US government is appreciating the use of renewable energy by providing rebates, tax deductions and financial incentives to Solar power users.