Environmental sustainability case studies

Inadequate or impaired assistance of Humans, Nature can itself sustain like enhancement of the soil. But we humans hinder the pace of nature’s sustainable process. This is due to our ill use of its natural resources. Thus, to maintain the apt balance of the ecology, humans require to utilize renewable resources in a planned way. So that all the natural resources do not get depleted and our future generations too can utilize them. To save the planet from depleting its essential resources numerous steps are being taken to improve environmental sustainability. To lessen the adverse effect on our environment one should practice:

Environmental sustainability case studies

The practice of the following methods are essential for the sustainability of the environment

  • Utilization of Biofuel is the best option is the place of fossil fuels. All through the world, researchers are striving to create cost-effective and efficient biofuels that can be utilized commercially on pieces of machinery or in vehicles. Instances of Biofuels include Soya Been oil, Jatropha Seed oil, and Ethanol sourced from Sugarcane.
  • Utilization of Renewable sources is another solution. Through the aid of Solar, Wind, Wave or tidal or Hydropower, and Geothermal energy we, individuals can commence a regular life sans wasting valuable natural means. One can cook, heat homes, generate electricity.
  •  Although ¾ of our planet is covered with water only 1/4th of the water of our planet is drinkable, we can still sustain through proper water management. With the increased water pollution, a limited portion of drinkable water is getting depleted too. Hence, the necessity of water conservation. But, how to conserve it? Well, we should initiate rainwater harvesting. This ensures that the clearest waters are stored to be utilized for various purposes. The utilization of water-efficient processes while farming and gardening.

For instance, one can utilize the drip water process or sprinklers while farming and gardening. Fixing shower heads that are water-efficient and little flow taps so that there is absolutely no misuse of water. Cease to litter in any water bodies. Specifically stop incinerating or discarding of nylon, plastic, and metals in water. Re-use them. Initiate the packaging of products by biodegradable materials. This keeps the water bodies safe. One can utilize organic wastes by converting them to manure and use it for farming and gardening purposes.

  • Sustainable agriculture must be followed. The more prominent use of pesticides and synthesized fertilizers to give more veggies or fruits or flowers has corroded and exhausted the soil condition. One can launch crop rotation to prevent the practice of inorganic and non-renewable commodities. This reinvigorates the soil condition and maximizes the crops’ generation. Also, crop and animal wastes may be utilized as compost that raises the nitrogen content in the soil.
  • Practice sustainable construction. We may combine green spaces into professional or residential properties. This green space not only allows a rejuvenating and relaxing effect but also promotes the beauty of the property. Also, one should include recycled and renewable products while constructing a property.
  • Follow the idea of sustainable forest. It is widely known that all beings on this planet require oxygen to live. Thus, here comes the necessity of sustainable forestry. One should ensure that with all the quantity of trees being cut, immediately replace them with fresh seedlings. Then the ecological balance is maintained.

Earth is the only planet that sustains life. As humans regard themselves as the only and the wisest of beings, it is the duty of us to sustain the precious natural resources. Let us learn from these cases and start a sustainable environment.

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