Books on Environmental Protection

Environment Protection can be termed as the activity of protecting or saving the environment from being destroyed. The environment can be considered natural habitats and species i.e. the entire biodiversity. It is an act where we can conserve the environment and repair the damages caused to it which is quite a lengthy process requiring a lot of time. These damages to the environment or biodiversity are usually caused by human activities or natural calamities. While natural calamities have already become results for human activities, the latter becomes the main source of environmental degradation all over the world today. The following are some of the examples of human activities causing environmental degradation

  1.  Overexploitation of resources
  2.  Overuse and burning of fossil fuels
  3.  Failure in recycling waste materials
  4.  Failure in the usage of biodegradable products
  5.  Various kinds of pollution

Environmental Protection Books

Environment Protection Books

Environment Protection Books can be helpful as well as beneficial for one and all to learn and apply the methods to bring a balance in the ecosystem, to understand the environmental processes and protect them. Books are ways to gain different perspectives. Through the pages, we not only learn to read but also learn to apply the techniques and methods to understand the environment and protect them. Some of the environment protection books are noted below-

  1. Environmental Protection and Human Rights: This book is penned in a collaboration of two authors Dinah Shelton and Donald K Anton. There is a practical discussion in the book. It shows the relationship between environmental protection and human rights. It is a must-read for those who have an interest in political systems and the environment.
  2. Silent Spring: This book on environmental science is by Rachel Carson. Published on Sept. 27, it documents the adverse effects of the environment caused due to overuse of pesticides.
  3. The End of Nature: A book by Bill McKibben is called as the first book about global warming that is written for a general audience. It was published in 1989.
  4. Earth in the Balance: This book is written by Al Gore and published in 1992. It is based on Ecology and the Human Spirit.
  5. The Overstory: It is the 12th novel by Richard Powers published in 2018. It portrays an intriguing story where nine Americans and their life experiences with trees bring them together to show the destruction of forests in a different way altogether.
  6. The Weather Makers: This book by Tim Flannery has received critical acclaim and also many other awards in Literature. It relates to the history and future impact of climate change.
  7. Storms of My Grandchildren: A book by James Hansen, it shows the truth about the climate catastrophe that’s going to arrive. It also depicts the last chance to save humanity. James Hansen is a climate scientist who has written about threats to people and habitability from global warming.
  8. An Introduction to Sustainability: Environmental, Social and Personal Perspectives: This book is written by Martin Mulligan and as the name suggests, this gives a comprehensive overview of ideas tangled within the field of sustainability. It describes the diverse domains of sustainability.
  9. Sustainable Energy – without the hot air: This book is written by David J.C. MacKay about the sustainable energy crisis. This book provides analysis and organization starting from a personal to an international level taking the world as a whole.
  10. Feral: This is a book by George Monbiot, a British environmentalist. It was published in 2013. The full title of this book is Feral: Searching for Enchantment on the Frontiers of Rewilding.

Environmental Degradation

These are some of the basic examples of human activities that lead to bigger damages in the ecosystem. However, the recovery remains difficult due to lack of community effort or we can say, the effort of various nations as a whole and lack of knowledge regarding its consequences. There is quite a considerable percentage of the population in India which is illiterate. And the same condition prevails in many other backward and developing countries as well. Therefore, it becomes very important for the mass media and mass education systems to increase the standard of knowledge they provide by including subjects and courses on Environmental Degradation, its consequences, and protection. Keeping this in mind, the necessity of widespread knowledge on environmental issues and protection is felt. This gives rise to highly qualified people who have gained knowledge and have done a lot of research on particular topics related to the environment. They have penned many books on environment-related topics that have attained great success over the years.

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Importance of environment Protection Books

Books on environmental protection are important because they have recorded information about the occurrences and they serve to provide the history of a particular discipline that helps us for further research and discovery. Apart from providing knowledge, these books are the best companions in the fields of research. They have facts and figures which help us understand a particular topic at a deeper level. More importantly, the books penned by various authors open doors to different ways and methods of protection of the environment. This serves as the best benefit out of the books.

The importance of Environmental Protection is way too high than mere imaginations. Environmental degradation poses a great threat to natural habitats, flora, and fauna. Apart from them, there’s also a huge amount of extinction of various species around us which affects the destruction of natural resources and ultimately, humans.

Humans, after being responsible for all the damages to the environment must restore its beauty and originality in terms of justice. And environment protection books serve a long way to achieve the goal.

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