5 Tips for a Sustainable Lifestyle

Many people are leading more sustainable lives by practicing more environmentally friendly habits. Some countries are also practicing sustainability to preserve their environment and resources for the future generation. Some practices of leading more sustainable lives are reducing plastic waste and also using resources wisely such as planting more trees and not wasting food particles. For instance, many hostels who make mass food items, dispose of their food by throwing it in the bins rather than giving it to the poor which is not a sustainable way of using food.  Keeping the rivers clean is another example as plastic waste is found exorbitantly in our seas and rivers. Using solar energy for your electricity expenses can also be a major change. In many city planning courses worldwide, sustainability is taught and advised to students.  Even the things you buy on a daily basis can be unsustainable if they go to waste and cannot be recycled. Thus use of recycled promotional products or eco friendly products is encouraged.

Save Environment

The following are some of the ways in which you can be more sustainable:

  1. Recycle your waste products: It is wise to use a recyclable bin or use other ways to recycle the daily waste that is consumed by you and your family. Even in India, there have been methods to recycle daily waste and it is usually done by separating your rubbish, bottle and metal packaging that is used by supermarkets. Some apartments promote separating your waste and have a recycle bin. You can also convert your garden into a quality compost waste in order to promote recycling.
  2. Minimise your waste: One of the major ways this can be done is to buy less packaging material when you shop. Amazon, for instance, uses a lot of plastic in all their packaging material which goes to waste. Even some hotels use tins and bottles that are used only once and thrown away which produces a lot of waste. Think about using products that are reusable so that you can minimize waste. Most supermarkets and shops in India are going plastic-free and charge for shopping bags which is a good thing for sustainability, and you can reuse cloth bags for your future shopping needs.
  3. Do not throw rubbish on the streets and care for your environment: Some developing countries score low in implementing legal action against rubbish on the streets. In the developed world, there is a hefty fine for rubbish waste and dirt on the street. In India, for instance, because of the large population, it has been difficult for the government to implement cleanliness on the streets and in our cities, which has become a major problem for city dwellers. Caring for the environment by using the bins, not polluting the water and treating animals well can also lead to more sustainable lifestyles.
  4. Plant more greeneries: Many cities plant trees and have a law which protects plants in the country. But we can do our bit by planting more trees in our own surroundings and environments. Trees give us a better lifestyle and provide a lot of health benefits. Even small plants like lawns and flowers can add a lot of benefits to city life. It would be very useful for cities to implement more clean and green spaces for the benefit of everybody. Even having a small garden for your own house can have good effects and make your neighborhood more sustainable.
  5. Use public transport more than cars: Cars are a major source of pollution because they emit pollutants such as fossil fuels that harm the environment. Using public transport can be a major way to become more sustainable but it is also the responsibility of the government to provide good and clean public transportation for the people. Mass transit systems and busses are a wise decision and can reduce carbon emissions that are caused by private vehicles. But, sadly, many of our cities are still very much reliant on cars.

Importance of Environmental Education

The above are five tips but useful ways of leading more sustainable lives. Obviously, there are many more such as using water and electricity in sustainable ways such as solar energy. Sustainability has become a major concern in our cities especially because of the concerns surrounding global warming and the sea level rise which has led to many movements in reducing waste in our cities and going more sustainable. This was also one of the major reasons why many countries are banning plastic bag use. Although it would be impossible to eliminate plastic from our lives, as they are found and used in almost all things, we can do our small bit to save the planet. More people are aware of sustainability now than before and if we all did our share to provide a better lifestyle for even the future generation, it would be very promising to sustain life on Earth.