The 5 Easiest Ways to be an Eco-Friendly Student

Luckily, we live in a world that is more environmentally friendly than ever. Thanks to the Paris Climate Accord, basically every country in the world is dedicated to improving their green score in a bid to save the earth. Climate change has never been more apparent, but not everyone can save the world on their own. There’s good news, though, even as a student you can make changes to be more eco-friendly.

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How to be eco friendly recycle

Here are the 5 easiest ways.

  1. Recycle: It might not sound like much, but you are doing your part when you take the necessary steps to recycle the products you use. Most houses across the UK have specific bins for different waste, however, living in halls or in a block of flats may not allow you to do this with such ease. Dedicate yourself to separating your waste in your home and make use of local supermarkets recycling bins. It isn’t just your waste, though. You can also recycle your old clothing, books, and bedding. The best part is, that by recycling these items you can put some cash back in your pocket. It means that your old stuff is going to a new home where it will live again, and you have some extra money to invest in green solutions.
  2. Plant Life: It’s time for you to find out whether you have a green thumb or not. There are a wide variety of plants that are ideal for indoor living, and not only will they give your mood a boost, they also improve your indoor air quality. While you’re at it, try growing your own herbs indoors. It makes cooking easier, delicious and reduces your need to buy products that are transported in petrol hogging lorries. You can do the same with plants like peppers and cherry tomatoes – they’re small enough to sit on a window sill, just choose the one that gets the most sunshine.
  3. Cycle: There’s really no need to drive a car these days – not only do you have the option to grab public transport such as the bus or the train, but you can walk or if you have a distance – there’s cycling. Better yet, an eBike! Why would you need an eBike? Well, it’s going to provide you with much-needed exercise, but it’s going to make tackling hills and the last stretch of your trip a total breeze. If you can’t stand the thought of cycling in nasty weather and you need a car, then you can always opt for an electric car. They are more affordable now than ever and charging stations are cropping up in even the smallest towns in the United Kingdom.
  4. Reusable Water Bottles: We have become accustomed to the convenience of stopping at any shop and picking up a bottle of water or juice. It’s easy, but the problem is those bottles are killing the environment. It’s not safe to reuse those bottles again and again, even if you think you’re helping. What you can do is invest in a reusable water bottle. You can buy a plain one for just water or go wild and pick up one of those that allows you to infuse fruit flavours into it. Regardless, you’re doing the environment a lot of good by doing so and every little helps. Of course, you’re also saving your bank account – those bottled drinks add up.
  5. Your Paper Supply: Let’s be honest, students take a lot of notes and even with laptops and tablets taking a lot of the heat, we still use paper. You can help protect the environment by writing on both sides of the paper and only printing what is absolutely necessary. Paper includes napkins, so… as tempting as it is to grab a handful from the takeaway – only take what you need.

If you make a mistake and print something that you don’t need, you have two options. You can recycle the paper or you can cut it up and use the clean side for note-taking or any other paper needs you might have. It might not sound like much, but it can make a major difference.

being eco friendly ebike

While Leonardo DiCaprio is out there fighting tooth and nail for the environment, it’s easy to feel as though you’re falling short. We’re not all multi-millionaires with the platform and opportunities to be a Leo. So, don’t get caught up thinking about that – instead, make those small changes where you can. From e-bikes to mowers, you can get your entire family on board. Once you start making changes, others will be sure to follow suit.