SEO Techniques That Will Help You Win in 2019

In this fast-moving world, nothing is constant. The same is with the SEO techniques which will keep on changing on a dime and unfortunately; you won’t know about it. The trends in digital marketing keep on changing every year, and thus for any person in this domain, it is important to stay updated with the latest trend. So, involvement in the right SEO training course is a good option through which it would be easy to be updated and aware of the updates.

Moreover, the year 2019 has brought a dynamic change in the domain of SEO and came up with some amazing techniques that will help you keep getting the maximum traffic. Here are some of these SEO techniques which are must to follow this year to stay on a competitive edge.

SEO Facts

  1. Improve User Experience: When it is about optimizing your website, you can’t skip the factor of user experience. In fact, users never wish to land on a spam website with longer loading time. So, here the focus resides on looking for a way through which you can improve the user experience. Here are a few ways through which you can work on the factor of user experience:
    1. Easy to read: When it comes to formatting the content for the web, you need to make sure that the readability of the content is good. For this, you can work on the following factors.
      • Use shorter paragraphs
      • Use bullet points
      • Write high-quality content
      • Use images
      • Avoid too many white spaces
    2. Use bucket brigades: When you need to work on reducing the bouncing rate, it is important to add something that can capture the interest of the readers, and this is where the concept of bucket brigades will prove to be helpful. You can focus here on breaking any idea into various sentences or triggering any phrase. Also, the bucket brigades like ‘you might be wondering’ or ‘here’s the deal’ can be a great approach.
  1. Optimization using Voice Search: In a study, it has been predicted that 50% of searches by next year will be done through voice. Thus, here you need to work on optimizing your website with voice search. Here’s what you need to focus on:
    • Content with long-tail keywords: Voice searchers usually use long-tail keywords and thus it is essential for you to add such content on your website that includes those long-tail keywords. These keywords are usually of 3+ words in length. Make use of such keywords in long comprehensive posts for better traffic.
    • Structured data Utilization: The structured data use to increase the visibility of information among the audience. Although, there are various structured data and among them, you can start your work with Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool.
  1. Keyword associated topics: The algorithms of Google keep on evolving. It works on understanding the intentions of the people who conduct searches and through it, Google fetches the keywords focused by the users. Thus, for better SEO, you need to work on adding the posts which are revolving around the keyword. To do this in a better way, you can work on the following aspects:
    • Know the target audience: The type of content on which you need to work depends upon who is your target audience. While working on your keywords, make sure you recognize your target audience only then you will be able to please your readers which will get you a good ranking.
    • In-depth keyword research: You need to design keywords that match with your content. For this you need to work on researching those keywords that your target audience will search; in this aspect, Google Adwords is your best option.
  1. YouTube SEO: Over the google, YouTube videos rank among the top 10 searches, and thus YouTube SEO is the better approach to work on. Here, you need to keep posting engaging videos related to your products and services and work on optimizing each video which can get you a better audience. For doing so, concentrate on these points:
    • SEO-friendly video :YouTube’s algorithm goes through all the details about the video, including the title, description, and filename. So, if you want better traffic on your YouTube video, you need to make it SEO-friendly. You can go to the best SEO course to learn about such strategies. Moreover, you need to focus on crafting compelling video title and proper description of it.
    • Custom Thumbnails: You can use the click-through rate as one of your ranking factors. For this, you need to make your YouTube video look clickable. Here, you need to work on customizing the thumbnail so that it can fetch the user attention.
  1. Creating a variety of Backlinks: For better SEO, you can’t ignore the importance of creating the backlink for a variety of content. You need to work on extremely high-quality links through which you can pop up on the top Google searches. For this, you should work on a variety of links that point towards your website. These links can include blogs, news sites, author bio, forums, product pages, etc.
  1. Technical Optimization Along with going through SEO course and learning about the content tips, you should not ignore working on having a robust website which doesn’t have any technical glitches. So for better ranking, you should also work on the technical SEO. For the proper technical optimization, here are a few tips that you can follow:
    • Switch to HTTPS: Work on the security of your website, and for that, you need to upgrade your old HTTP web protocol to HTTPS. The users opening the non-HTTPS websites get a warning, and if you are using such a website, it will increase the bounce rate. Using HTTPS will help you to stay secure and would also boost the SEO presence.
    • Enabling AMP for Mobile: For easily creating the mobile-optimized and responsive content, you need to work with AMP, i.e., Accelerated Mobile Pages. It fetches the information from the website and changes it to a format which is easy to read on mobile phones.
  1. Measure SEO performance: If you want to keep SEO strategies working, you need to be aware of how your work is going. For this, you need to work on reporting and analytics. Here you can use various tools through which you can measure the SEO performance.
    • Data Studio: When it is about SEO, you need to know how your marketing and content is performing. With Google’s Data Studio, you can keep analyzing your traffic, rankings as well as the conversion rates.
    • Wayback Machine: If you want to improve your strategies, it is necessary to keep an eye on the competitors. Only then you’ll be able to analyze what better you need to do and Way back Studio helps you with that.
    • SEMrush: The SEMrush tool is one of the right choices you can make in 2019 because now is the time when SEO become the center of attraction for a successful blog. Here, SEMrush will help you to find keywords that can drive more traffic for you.

Collectively working on all these SEO techniques in the year 2019 can assure you increased traffic on your website. Keep adding high-quality content and keep optimizing it and analyzing the traffic for better results.