Instagram’s New Creator Account

Everything To Know About The Instagram’s New Creator Account Along With Some Insights

The recent statistics rights now clearly portray the fact that the traditional advertisements on Instagram are now being overtaken by the Instagram influencer sponsorship in an overwhelming manner. These ads are taken over by not just sponsorships but by collaborations as well. If you ever scroll down through IG feed, you will come across multiple IG influencer sponsored posts for you to address and take help now. Depending on what you get to see right now, it easily makes sense that IG is now putting some more focus on some of the most powerful users these days, and they are called influencers.

It is the main reason for Instagram to roll out its new and best ever Creator Account, designed solely for the IG influencers to work on and use. This is a completely new form of account, which will give all the influencers in this platform with accessibility to features. These features are more or less similar to the ones on IG business account. It can always help you to grow the brands in a rather effective manner. To learn more about the new Creator Account on Instagram,you may visit and read more about getting started.

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More about the Creator Account:

These newer versions of accounts are not just for the typical fitness and fashion based IG influencers, but will be covering a large group of services in here. Before you start using this account being an influencer, there are some points that you need to cater to.

  • Creator account will prove to be rather useful for the artists, entrepreneurs, bloggers, musicians and some more, willing to grow their following count.
  • It can further be used for increasing brand awareness and even engagement. Creator account is perfect for generating sales at the same time.

These points are really good for you to address. However, there is one question popping up in your mind. Are you planning to switch from your business or personal IG account to a new Creator account? If so, then there are some major points about the IG’s Creator account that you have to focus at. It will help you to make that creative and informed decision, without regretting about it later on.

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Working on the availability of the present IG creator account:

First of all, before even you make up this choice of transferring your work into Creator account, it is mandatory that you know if this account is actually available to you or not.

  • Sometimes, you may not be given the permission to use Creator account. It is because, at present, the IG creator account is made available only to those influencers with a minimum of 10,000 followers.
  • On the other hand, you need to have the account connected to the FB business page. So, if the follower count is not there already by your side, then you might have to work on getting extra IG followers first. It is only after that you will be able to switch right on Creator account.

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Aiming for flexible profile controls:

With the new Creator Account from Instagram, this platform is able to offer you with flexible form of profile controls. It means you get the chance to choose new category for profile like entrepreneur, blogger, author, musician and more, in place of using one connected to the FB business page. You might have this option of toggling the category and then contact the information whenever asked for. But, you cannot turn one note on and leave the other. It is either going to be all or nothing.

On the other hand, this Creator Account is not going to offer you with some extra action buttons, which the IG business accounts will have, like Book Now and more. Therefore, if you are making plans to capture some more leads on IG profile, it is not quite a proper option for you.

Enjoy some of the best growth tools in large numbers:

One major and probably the biggest feature of the Creator Account of Instagram is relating to growth tools. These are all new tools, which will allow the influencers to end up with better data and insights. It helps in growing the following count and widen up the reach.

  • For example, the business accounts on Instagram can always see only an overall growth for a week. However, with the help of Creator Account, users will get some access to cover up the follow and un-follow data, on a daily basis.
  • This form of service is helpful to make you realize if the content you are working on is suitable for you or not. You might even receive some of the other helpful information like times when the followers are online, reach and the engagement, demographics like age and location, and some more.
  • If that wasn’t enough, right now Facebook is testing out the Creator Studio dashboard, which is relatively new for ensuring that accessing metrics turn out to be rather easier from desktop. It will help the IG Creator Account to come up right at the top of the present business accounts.

Enjoy simplified version of message: The current IG Creator Account will offer some help with simplified messaging. These influencers are likely to get ton of messages right on daily basis. So, the simplified messages might help in improving communication with the fans and also highlight the potential business based opportunities. These Business profiles are subject to have only one inbox, which will come with a request tab. This tab helps in filtering out potential spam.

However, the IG creator accounts will have request tab with General and Primary tabs. It helps in sorting some of the most pressing business based messages and some of the regular ones from friends and fans.

Call pros for help: If you want to learn more about Creator Account from Instagram along with the other features to it, then calling experts for help can work out. If you don’t know any influencer personally, then doing your bit of independent research will work.

Author Bio – Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings.