Google penalty– Some facts for you to know

The foremost step to take even prior to making your site Google optimized is to see whether the domain is under any penalty. Any website which is Google penalized will not get good rankings hence, it is your priority to discover which algorithmic amend will affect the web property and make a recovery plan.

Facts on Google Penalties

Both webmasters and beginners to blogging who do not possess the needed experience online come across words such as the hummingbird, pigeon, penguin, and panda and think why the online world creates all the fuss regarding these animals. Here the answer is simple; it is not the names of animals but names given by Google to the various changes that the search engine giant makes to its ranking algorithm. Google every year states officially that it is making numerous changes to its algorithms for improving their search results quality. Each time a change is made, there are losers and winners. It means some sites are affected positively as they receive better rankings while others sites lose traffic as their rankings get lowered or get lost completely.

The Reason to Care

You cannot attain a lot of things online in the absence of Google. Whether you are in favor or against it, Google is indeed the finest source of traffic if you are on the lookout for targeted traffic. Having a site on Google’s top pages will offer countless perks which cannot be overlooked. Here lies the foremost reason as to why you must be capable of telling whether your site is filtered via the algorithms laid down by Google. If you are aware due to which Google update the site has been penalized you will be capable of adopting corrective actions as this way during the next amend you will be penalty free. Last but not least to recognize the penalties of Google can answer the query as to why you lost so much traffic all of a sudden. As your site has been hit via a penalty the amends in the traffic will be highly visible.

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Website Penalty- Ways to track and Identify

How will you know that your website has been penalized by Google? Here you go,

  • Check Google Webmaster Tools- Are you registered in Google webmaster tools? If not do it right away. This is the medium that Google uses for communicating with webmasters along with informing them regarding prospective issues their site may have including manual penalties too. Penalties are of two types- manual and algorithmic. In the former, the penalty is imposed on a site by a human. During this situation, you will receive an indication from Google regarding the problem along with the actions that you can use for correcting it. After making the changes required a reconsideration request can be submitted and this will inform you whether the penalty exists or has been removed. In the case of the latter, the penalty created is automatic. These penalties will not be reported to the webmaster tools, so there is no choice of filling in the reconsideration request.
  • Check Google Analytics- In case of automatic penalties login to the Google Analytics to review the Google organic traffic. In case the traffic drops at the time an algorithmic change is released by Google then you are likely to be hit, no wonder there has been a drop in the traffic. Under the dashboard of Google Analytics choose your site, go to Acquisition > Traffic > Medium/Source. Choose Google/Organic from the list, and you will see the total visits that you receive from Google search. Choose the reporting period and then go back.
  • Organic Traffic Report- The next step is in making a comparison amid the dates where major changes in traffic (increase or drop) has been noticed with the date on which the update had been released. Should you notice a sudden drop, check the Moz report to know about the type of update and learn the ways to recover from the same.

The Side Effects of a Website Penalty

If you become a victim of website penalty, you are likely to face the following situations,

  • First and foremost, you will lose Google traffic.
  • Secondly, you will lose your Google trust which means you require showing good faith as well as be patient till it is recovered.

Google is never in favor of a site which is spammy or makes attempts in tricking their algorithm, no wonder it removes it from its index.

Duration of the Penalty

A manual penalty will hold somewhere between 6 months to 2 years prior to their expiry. But remember the expiry of the manual penalty does not indicate that the site is clean as well as will recover traffic and rankings. The penalty, of course, will no longer be visible in the webmaster tool yet if you fail in making any attempts for addressing the problem, the website will be caught via an automatic penalty yet remain under the penalty. The moment your website gets hit because of an amend in the algorithm corrective measures should be taken right away and wait for an upcoming release of an algorithm to check whether you have recovered from it or not.  In some cases, the recovery can be prompt because there are constant algorithm changes yet in most cases you need to wait for an upcoming update in Panda and Penguin to ensure whether the changes made are offering positive results.

Relax there are ways to avoid being penalized via Google. The finest recovery method is to avoid this altogether. Being patient and playing via the rules is the way to go. So, what is the success recipe here? This includes- publishing content of high quality, abide by all guidelines laid down by the Google Webmaster, follow the changes which affect SEO and promote the content and website using white hat channels. When you continue doing this again and again for a couple of months, you automatically will begin getting noticed. Should your write-up be good, this will definitely attract natural links which will ultimately augment your rankings in Google.

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