Development Plan – Example of Kanpur Development Plan

Introduction-Kanpur Development Plan

Development Plan of Kanpur is being made under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM), which is a city-based programme, to build the capacity of cities for better urban management. It will cover 63 cities over a period of seven years starting from 2005-06. The JNNURM aims to provide an incentive to large urban areas to undertake institutional, structural and fiscal changes necessary for developing improved service delivery systems that are sustainable, address poverty and enhance local economic performance. The overall objective of the scheme is to improve the economic and physical infrastructure for the rapidly increasing urban population and also to provide essential facilities and services across the fast growing cities using public private partnership. Cities are expected to articulate their vision, their plans and their commitment through a City Development Plan. The City Development Plan jointly provides the starting point for this process.

Objectives of City Development Plan (CDP)

City Development Plan for Kanpur city is both a perspective and vision for the future development. Kanpur City Development Plan (CDP) is the culmination of a study which was commenced about three months ago by JPS Associates. This report is based on invaluable inputs the consultants received from the various stakeholders and the officers associated with the development of the city. This CDP, therefore, truly reflects the vision of the citizens, the poor and the slum dwellers and the officers who are determined to make Kanpur a futuristic city in the next few years.

Development Plan


Division of Land Use Pattern in Development Plan

The land use pattern of the city is very important factor which determines the growth of the city. Land use pattern determines the importance of any place and its accessibility. This pattern can be studied through various surveys like primary and secondary sources. The proposed land use pattern can be studied from the master plan. Land use has been divided in following categories:

Land Use classification in Development Plan

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