Applications of Machine Learning

Understanding Machine Learning

Machine learning is an essential aspect of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It improves the ability of systems simply to learn and rectify from experience without any programming. It mainly focuses on the expansion of computer software and programs that can do data mining, data processing, access data and make use if it for learning.

The process of improving starts with a collection of data, such as prototypes, direct practical knowledge, or set of instructions, in priority to look for different patterns in the data and make expert conclusions in the future based on the data we provide. The primary aim of machine learning is to allow the gadgets or computers to grasp knowledge automatically without human assistance or intervention and to adjust the actions carefully.

Why machine learning plays an important role

It enables different tests and analysis of a significant amount of data. While it provides faster, more precise results to identify profitable chances or critical risks. Machine learning might require extra time and capable resources to train itself properly. Blending machine learning and artificial intelligence can make it even more powerful in generating a significant amount of data and information. It matches with your recent searches. This detects the user’s online shopping experience, and it is all because of machine learning.

AI Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad science of copying human capabilities; machine learning is a specific part of Artificial Intelligence that trains a computer how to learn. Information collection and preparation capabilities, primary as well as advanced Algorithms, automation and iterative processes, Scalability and Ensemble modeling is generally required and used to create expert machine learning systems.

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Applications of machine learning

  • Virtual Personal Assistants: Siri, Alexa, Cortana are famous examples of virtual personal assistants. As the name says, they help the user in finding solutions over voice recognition. Virtual assistants are set up on numerous platforms like smart speakers like Amazon Echo as well as Google home, Smartphones like Bixby on new Samsung S8 and Mobile Apps like Google Allo.
  • Email Spam and Malware filtering: There are numerous ways of filtering spams and other ways that email clients make in use. To make sure that these malware filters are regularly updated, they are assisted by machine learning.
  • Video Surveillance: It is evident that a single person can’t monitor multiple video cameras. It’s a challenging job and requires a lot of workforces. This is why the computers are trained to do this job. This surveillance is powered by Artificial intelligence that makes them capable of detecting crime. They recognize unusual people standing motionless for an extended period.
  •  Predictions while Commuting: In GPS navigation services: Our real locations and speed are being saved on the central server for managing and showing live traffic. This information is used to build a current traffic map. This helps to prevent the traffic jam.
  • Online Transportation Networks: When booking a cab, the application estimates the fare of the ride. When using these services, how do they predict the fares? The reason behind it is machine learning.
  •  Social Media Services: From making your FB news feed filled up with ads targeting, many social media platforms are using machine learning for better user interface and benefits. Here are a few examples that you must be noticing.
  • People You May Know: Machine learning learns and understands with experiences. FB continuously monitors the friends that you love to connect with frequently, the profiles you visit very regularly, your interests, areas, or messages that you share with another user, etc. By monitoring continuous learning, Facebook suggests a list of people you can connect friends with.

Machine Learning

  • Face Recognition: When the user uploads a picture, Facebook instantly recognizes you and that friend. It mainly checks the projections in the image, and notice down the unique links, and then starts matching them with the users in your friend list. It is all due to machine learning.
  • Search Engine Result improvement: Popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, make use of machine learning to enhance the system-user interface. When the user searches something, the algorithms keep an eye on the users that how they react to the displayed suggestions. If the user frequently clicks on the first result and spend a long time on that webpage, then the search engine machine assumes that the results are displayed according to the convenience of the user. But, if the user clicks on the lower results in the webpage of the search results, then it assumes that the result displayed was not according to the user’s convenience and requirement. By such way, machine learning and algorithms work together to enhance the search engine results according to the user’s convenience.
  • Product Recommendations: If the user has looked for a something online for shopping, they might have experienced that many web pages (be it of gaming, music or any other) suggest you products through pop-up advertisements which mos
  • Fraud Detection: Today many online scams and frauds are happening these days. Many companies are today using machine learning to stop frauds, these tools use machine learning, which helps them to distinguish between real and fake transactions and also tracking other monetary frauds.

Conclusion – An evolving technology which requires improvement

While machine learning is bringing innovations and change to the services, society and different sectors, it also is bringing problems and worries to tech word. One of the most disturbing aspects of machine learning is their invasion of our privacy. It is making it hide your privacy but also to keep ownership safe and prevents it from being exploited. Machine learning has been created with good intentions it can also be used for evil works if it goes into the wrong hands of people.

With technology advancing at such a rapid pace, machine learning has undoubtedly become a significant aspect of the world today. Everybody needs their work to be done with the click of a mouse, and in the era, today machine learning is something that definitely cannot be overlooked. Therefore, machine learning is a blessing as well as a curse at the same time.

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