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New Urbanism – Concept and Examples

New Urbanism

Introduction – A brief history With the industrialization of cities, there was the advent of automobiles and the increase in car-use. Although cars are abundantly used around the world both in the Global North and Global South, there are increasing movements being formed against car-use and increasing walkability in cities. These movements do not just

What is Flexible Housing | Overview, Need & Case Studies (with images)

Flexible Housing

Flexible Housing – Overview & need While we traditionally think of housing as fixed and stable, practitioners have started experimenting with new models, ie. “flexible housing”  that can provide more flexibility. Such models are capable of serving the growing housing demand and can more effectively address the problems of housing shortage. Some of these homes

How smart cities are leading Urbanization

Numerous advancements in the technology have eventually transformed our lives for the good. The digitalization of cities and towns has significantly raised the standard of living, which is an undeniable fact. More and more people are moving to cities for various benefits which predominantly includes better earning opportunities and living standard. The idea of smart

Aerotropolis: The New Emerging Urban Form

The Greater Aerotropolis

Airports and the evolution of cities: an overview The initial idea of Aerotropolis was presented in the November 1939 issue of Popular Science by Nicholas DeSantis. The airport-driven economic development was further taken forward by an air commerce researcher John D. Kasarda in 2000. According to him airports have influenced urban development in the 21st century

Disaster resilience and management in Indian urban areas


Disaster resilience and management in urban areas has been a challenge for town planners. The huge loss of lives, property, economy and society can be minimized by making our cities resilient to disaster. A resilient city bounces back to normal functioning once disaster passes away. Before planning to establish a resilient city framework, we must