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Top 5 Urban Planning Quotes and their Meanings

Urban Planning Quote - Edward Abbey

Introduction With Urban Planning growing as a field, there are many new scholars and academics who are contributing to the field. People of older generation are also well known in academic fields. Many of the quotes said by such people, resonate in our cities to this day. While car-oriented cities dominate the developed world, and

Baron Haussmann’s Urban Development of Paris

Baron Haussmann's Urban Development of Paris

About Haussmann Georges-Eugene, Baron Haussmann, commonly known as Baron Haussmann, was responsible for the renovation of Paris under the rule of Emperor Napoleon III. Before Haussmann’s renovation and urban development of Paris, similar to the situation in England, there was a dire need of cleanliness and advanced infrastructure between 1853 and 1870. Napoleon III trusted

Henri Lefebvre’s Production of Space

Henri Lefebvre's Production of Spaces

Introduction Henri Lefebvre is one of the pioneering French social theorists. His works have been cited by many urban planners, particularly those involved in social space and everyday city life. Lefebvre wrote numerous books and essays on city structures. He was a professor of sociology at University of Strasbourg and the New University at Nanterre.

Doreen Massey on Urban Space

Doreen Massey

Introduction Doreen Barbara Massey was an influencer on urban social space. Her books have gained acclaim in many parts of the world, particularly in the West. She was a professor of Geography at Open University. She wanted people to re-think their associations and connections with physical city spaces. She received many awards from around the

Influence on Urban Planning by Kevin A. Lynch

Elements of a city by Kevin Lynch

Introduction Kevin A Lynch was one of the pioneers in urban planning before the profession was well-known or came into existence. Architecture was a prominent profession in America during his times and he trained under a few architects before he taught and trained as an urban planner. He studied under Frank Lloyd Wright and completed