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Urban Economics

Learn To Identify Bad Property Investment Easily

Tips for Property Investment

Be it buying a house/apartment or investing in a commercial space, real estate is something in which we put our hard-earned money that we gather over a long period.  And when we are putting our life’s savings into something, we must make sure that it is going to the right place. With prospects of great

How Urban Economics drive Economic Development

Understanding Urban Economics

Thousands of scholars continue to fascinate and ponder about some answers that continue to evade them; Why do some cities progress rapidly while the others manage on the fringes of progress? Why do some cities do economically well? And, why do some cities falter in terms of progress infrastructurally and economically? Economic development in the

What determines property prices in an area?

what determines property price in an area - location

There is a significant difference between the prices of a property in one area than another. Do you ever wonder why? If not, then you might need to go through this post to know all the details about the factors that lead to the hike of a property in a certain area. Most of the

Factors affecting Land Value

Factors affecting land value

How to define land value? Land value can be defined as the monetary cost of the land. It can be the cost of undeveloped land or a built property, but land value is primarily associated with a vacant plot. When discussing the importance of a built structure the term “property value” is more appropriate. Factors

Ricardian Theory of Rent | Urban Economics

Ricardo theory of rent

Ricardian Theory of Rent – A brief history Ricardo formulated the “law of rent” around 1809 also known as Ricardian Theory of Rent. The Law of Rent states that the rent of a land site is equal to the economic advantage obtained by using the site in its most productive use, relative to the advantage