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Facts about Delhi Metro, India

Why Delhi Metro is one of the top metros in the World! Delhi is the National capital of India, one of the most populous cities in the country. Delhi has a population of about 20 million of its own and few millions visit the city daily for working and tourism purpose. MRTS is a must

Intersection Control – Active & Passive control

Intersection Control

What is a traffic intersection? Traffic intersections are the areas where two or more roads meets or converge or diverges. Intersections can be at same level i.e. all the roads are at same height/level/plane whereas in some cases there may be two or more levels i.e. with one over other. The purpose of having an

Factors to consider when choosing mode of transport

Factors to consider when choosing mode of transport

Importance of choosing the correct mode of transport There are numerous mode of transport available at disposal of humans to meet their ever-growing need for specialized and most economic mode. It becomes important to choose the most suitable mode of transport especially while working in a logistic company or transporting goods, for other purposes like

Trip generation

What is trip generation ? A trip is usually defined in transport modeling as a single journey made by an individual between two points by a specified mode of travel and for a defined purpose. Trips are often considered as productions of a particular land-use and attracted to other specified land-uses. The number of trips

Zoning of land for OD Survey

Dividing area into zones

Need of Zoning of land for OD Survey While zoning of land for required survey, eg. OD survey the collected data will consist of a multitude of journey with different specific origins, destinations, purposes and modes which must be related to other traffic, sociological and economic factors. So, the defined study area is sub-divided into

Origin Destination survey methods

Origin Destination Survey Methods

Importance of Origin Destination survey methods The most important measure for a successful survey is a level of participation which relies on  origin destination survey methods. Therefore, reliable assistance of as many respondents as possible is the key to a successful survey. Some of thing which can be done for a respondent friendly survey are: Design