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15 Cities Where Urban Planners are Most Likely to Opt for Solar

Solar Energy

As you may know, urban planning is all about creating sustainable communities that foster healthy population growth. Of course, wherever there’s a sprawling metropolis, there will also be an ever-growing need for electricity, and urban planners are often met with the challenge of sourcing power in the most cost-effective and responsible manner. From a logical

13 Strategies for a More Sustainable Life

Green Lifestyle

You like to do your part to protect the environment by practicing green living. Do you want to reduce your dependence on natural resources and replace what you do use? Try these strategies for living a more sustainable life. Related: 15 facts you didn’t know about Dubai’s Sustainable City, Top 10 measures to become green plugged! Grow

Top 10 measures to become green plugged!

Green City Life Copenhagen

With so many environmental issues cropping up and threatening the existence of all life forms on Earth, it is becoming extremely important to adopt a green lifestyle. Going green and incorporating sustainable practices into our lives is the way to go. It ensures a balance between human needs and our natural resources. Choosing a green