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Sustainable Development

Examples of Environmental Sustainability

Smart City

Nature has a tremendous capacity to sustain itself. Be it the maintenance of the soil fertility or the process of forestation, when left alone nature can rejuvenate itself to its original self. However, the speed at which the natural resources are getting depleted, it is not possible for nature to sustain itself anymore. To ensure

What are the health and environmental benefits of solar energy?

Solar Energy

Sunlight, being free and easily accessible is an excellent source to generate energy. Mainly, if we compare it to fossil fuels, which require a whole effort of mining, extraction, and transportation, this not only is time-consuming but also comes with pollution and other environmental assaults. Nowadays, solar energy is being consumed by homes and businesses

Copenhagen: A case study on sustainability

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainability Development is the peace policy of the future- Klaus Topfer Sustainability is viewed differently by everyone.  Adopting ways of thinking and behavior in which the needs of the present are met and fulfilled without disturbing or diminishing the needs of future generation is sustainability. It is also the study of the functioning of natural

Sustainable Architecture: A System Approach

Green Economy

Introduction: Understanding Sustainable Architecture Considering the system approach, sustainable architecture can be viewed as a practice of architectural discipline, which seems to arise as concepts and strategies based on common themes of sustainability (Bennetts, Radford, & Williamson, 2002). This process of change in the institutional settings depends on the continuation, small shifts, fundamental transformations, or

Green Living – How To Invest In Smart And Green Architecture

Smart City in Nansha

Introduction – Green Architecture  When someone mentions green living or green energy, one of the first things that spring to our minds is solar installation software. However, today we would like to focus on another green solution. With passing time, more and more of the global population is making the rural-urban shift. When they start