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Sustainable Development

What do you mean by Sustainable Development?

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable development mainly is the principle where the human goals are achieved without compromising the sustaining ability of future generations by damaging the present natural environment. The ecosystem and the natural resources should not be harmed on which the society and the economy depends. In short, sustainable development is the ability to meet the needs

Minimising environmental pollution: Clean Interior Design

Minimising environmental pollution Clean Interior Design

Environmental pollution has higher fatality rates than malaria and HIV. It tampers with the homes of animals and land pollution alone kills over 100,000 sea mammals every year. Air pollution causes those living in areas with high air pollutants to have a 20% higher risk of death from lung cancer than others. The fact is,

How Industries Are Practicing Water Conservation?

Water Conservation

3,476,992,903 That’s nearly the number of people who are in need of water right now and it isn’t going down any time soon. Industrial revolutions over the last hundred years have deeply impacted the environment and its water resources. All of this has given rise to the need for taking strict water conservation measures for

Sustainable Finance | Meaning, Models, Investors

Sustainable Finance

Sustainable finance is a type of financial service incorporating social, ESG governance and environmental criteria into the asset or business choices for lasting and greater profits of both the society and clients in larger aspects. It contributes to the creation of value and sustainable development in terms of economic, environment and society. This type of

7 Steps Cities Are Taking Towards Large-Scale Sustainability

7 Steps Cities Are Taking Towards Large-Scale Sustainability

Many cities have made extensive urban ecological efforts to be not only more environmentally and ecologically friendly, but also self-sustaining and non-damaging to the surroundings. Large-scale sustainability relies on renewable resources with minimal waste and is healthy for both the environment and the people in the city, and there are many steps that cities have