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Solar Energy

How Solar Panel helps in reducing Carbon Emission

Solar Panels

Burning of fossil fuels and various other CFCs causes a lot of heat to get trapped into the atmosphere which is better known as green house emission. Carbon footprint is the total carbon or rather greenhouse emissions encountered on earth. It makes the air all around us impure and is also responsible for increasing the

Different Uses & Types of Solar Lanterns

Types of Solar Lanterns

The solar energy is being used to generate power since too long now. The solar energy is converted into power through the use of solar cells or solar panels. These solar cells or panels are now in use of almost every electrical and electronic gadget. For instance, we can see solar lights, solar tube wells,

How Does Solar Power Bank Work

Importance of Solar Energy For Planning A Green World

The solar power banks are a great source of keeping your gadgets charged so that you can keep in touch with your loved ones through gadgets such as laptops, cellphones, and tablets etc. Working of Solar Power Bank However, the solar panels are not capable to transfer the energy to your devices directly, therefore you

How Does Solar Wind Turbine Work

Solar Wind Turbine

The wind turbines are operating on very simple principle i.e. the energy from the wind is converted into electrical energy with the help of wings or blades which are rotating when air strikes it. The wings or blades are propeller like in shape and are connected to the rotor. Moreover, the rotor is then connected

Solar Radio – Its Use & Advantages

Solar Radio

The solar radio is basically solar powered based radio and it first came into existence back in the 1950s when General Electric first made an experimental model having a weight of 50 ounces. The solar radio was capable of working without any electric or dc power. The radio was basically having an array of seven solar