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Planning Techniques

Information in a base map for different levels of maps

What is a Base Map ? A base map is a map which shows the existing physical pattern of the land upon which  survey info analysis or planning proposal can be superimposed. The information required for base map varies from map to map because it largely depends upon its scale, the area covered and the

Delineation Of Functional Regions

Delineation Of Functional Regions

Delineation Of Functional Regions This method involves the grouping together of units which display a considerable degree of interdependence. Two basic approaches: (i) Flow analysis- based on actual observations of what people do.   (ii) Gravitational analysis- based on theoretical observations of what they might do. The two approaches are explained below in detail. A. Flow

Delineation of formal region

Delineation of Formal region

Delineation of Formal regions Regional delineation is the first step in the preparation of any regional development plan to ensure tentative operational area of planning. With in the planning region the frame of all regional studies could be undertaken and development envisaged. Delineation of formal regions involves the grouping together of local units which have similar characteristics

Demography, sources and availability of demographic data

Demography, sources and availability of demographic data

Demography: Demography is the statistical study of human populations. Demographic characteristics of a country provide an overview of its population size, composition territorial distribution, changes therein and the components of changes such as nativity, mortality, and social mobility. Demography is important for town planners due to need of forecasting and planning for the people. People are

Characteristics of a good questionnaire

Characteristics of Good Questionnaire

Use of questionnaires Questionnaires are a common and inexpensive research tool used by private companies, government departments, individuals, groups, NGOs etc to get feedback, research, collect data from consumer, customers. or from general public depending on the need. Questionnaire plays an important role in surveys and in other purposes for which it is being made