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Planning Techniques

Land Use Planning

Land Use Planning

What is Land Use Planning? Land use planning is a planning technique to improve the quality of life in urban areas. This widely adopted technique is one of the most successful methods followed today. According to this various socio-economic activities are allocated space in a particular area, or in other words, areas are assigned specific

Population Density & Factors affecting it

Increasing population has created a dire need of housing more and more population within the limited space, especially in cities, as a result population density is increasing and high rise buildings are constructed, the extent it can accommodate population is discussed here. Population Density   Purpose of study To calculate population density as it is

Data requirements for planning a town

Master Plan

Data requirements for planning a town is generally same for most of the areas. The basic requirements include the below mentioned points. The data collected helps a town planner to take decisions and plan for the requirement by people who will be living in that area.    What are the data requirements for planning a

Population projection | Meaning, Importance and Need

What is population projection? Population projection deals with computations of future projection size and characteristics based on assumptions about future trends in fertility, mortality and migration.  Since it is not possible to predict the future trends in fertility, mortality and migration with cent percent certainty, it is also not possible to predict the future size