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Planning Techniques

Spatial Planning & Spatial Integration

Integrated form of planning

Spatial Planning Spatial planning is the consideration of what can and should happen where. It investigates the interaction of different policies and practice across regional space, and sets the role of places in a wider context. It goes well beyond ‘traditional’ land-use planning and sets out a strategic framework to guide future development and policy

Regional Planning – Need, Importance & Implementation

Regional Plan - Need, Importance & Implementation

What is Regional Planning? Regional planning deals with the planning of areas which constitutes both urban and rural areas. The term regional planning is associated with Urban Planning, the difference remains in the area being discussed. Urban Planning, city planning or town planning concerns a city or a delimited urban area which covers a city

Basis of Infrastructure Planning for Urban Planners

Urban Infrastructure

Infrastructure clenches its roots deep down in every system. To understand Infrastructure Planning, we must understand the basics of Infrastructure. This article critically interprets definition of infrastructure and then reviews different categories of infrastructures in literature. Further the emphasis is made to justify the importance of infrastructure planning and management for a planner. The Dictionary

Mixed Use Development | Demand, Barrier & Implementation

Mixed Use Development

Introduction – Need for mixed use development The need of having mixed use arised due to various reasons. There was a significant lifestyle change that occurred in the mid-20th century due to sedentary habits of the people during that time and which continued till date (Schmitz and Scully 2006). This resulted in the design of

Various Population Projection Methods | Types & Importance

Population projection method - Ratio Method Log Scale

Population Projection forms an integral part of any study or activity dealing with providing services to people. Planning for existing population can be done by obtaining population data from various sources. Meeting the future demand and upgrading the infrastructure requires insight about the population growth. If planning needs to be done for a new area