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How to Find Duplicate Photos on Your PC or Mac

Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro

Duplicate photos have always been a cause of worry for users as it not only occupies precious hard disk space, but it also makes your device performance sluggish. This unnecessary lot of files may accumulate in various forms over time. Multiple times file download of the same file, file sharing using different apps and data

5 Best Tools to Improve Your Skills in Graphic Design

Graphic Design Tools

A graphic designer seeking to improve his/her skills in this particular area is a big achievement in itself. This is because graphics designing has no end road and there is no place where we can just go and stop. The more they improve their skills, the more they learn and the more they get benefited

Infographic Tips from the PROs

Infographic Tips

It’s no secret that Infographics are a popular form of visual communication – but the most impressive fact of all may be that they’re actually getting more popular as time goes on. According to one recent study conducted by Forbes, nearly 74% of marketing professionals today say that they rely heavily on materials like Infographics

The Fusion of Digital and Print trends in 2018

Commercial Printing

If your business is still printing in large quantities may be a little more than you thought, do not be surprised or concerned. Commercial print sales are still on the rise.  Industry average statistics show them to have risen by 9.1% since 2011 with a spread of market analysts predicting anywhere between 1.5-3% by the