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Some Personal Finance Goals & Tips to Achieve Them

It really feels quite exciting to implement new financial strategies, practices, and goals every year. However, it could be pretty challenging to overhaul your finances altogether at one go. You do not have to take dramatic steps to achieve all your financial goals at the beginning of every year. Instead, you could achieve those personal

Critical Funding Mistakes That Can Prevent Your Startup Making It Big


With entrepreneurship on the rise, thousands of companies are vying with each other for the attention of conventional and non-conventional sources of funds. An angel investor or even a middle-rung venture capitalist is typically inundated with business proposals with an overwhelming diversity of ideas and business models. While there is no dearth of brilliant ideas,

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) | Public Financing | Types of TIF

Introduction to Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is a popular economic development tool by which the local governments use incremental property tax to fund the public costs of economic revitalization and growth. TIF became an increasingly used tool across the United States and Europe from 1980’s and is still one of the

Infrastructure Financing Through Land Based Financing

Infrastructure Financing through land The potential of using land based financing in Urban Local Bodies for infrastructure, has been mentioned by various studies. Commonly used land based instruments for financing urban infrastructure can be segregated into three types: Existing Land – Based Instruments S. No. Land-Based Instrument Examples 1. Monetary Exactions Betterment charges, impact fees 2.