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Environmental Protection Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Environmental protection Engineering (EPE) is a branch of engineering discipline that includes scientific topics like biology, ecology, chemistry, geology, hydrology, microbiology, hydraulics, chemistry and mathematics to find solutions that will improve and protect the health of the living organisms. This Engineering is also involved in enhancing the balance of the ecosystem that is damaged due

How is cyber crime a threat to environmental sustainability?

Cyber Crime and Environmental Sustainability

Breach of cybersecurity includes fear of ransomed or lost data, leakage of corporate secrets and phishing scams. In today’s world, most of the operations in big organizations are controlled by digital technologies. Thus there is a huge risk of damage to the property, harm to a person or even an imbalance of the sustainability of

Learn About – Marine Pollution Act 2012 – Planning Tank

Marine Pollution

Country: Australia Type of document: Legislation Date of text: 2012 Data source: FAOLEX Title abbreviation: An Act to protect the State’s marine and coastal environment from pollution by oil and certain other marine pollutants discharged from ships; to repeal the Marine Pollution Act 2012; and for other purposes. Glossary term(s): Transport Waste Storage ECOLEX Region:

Books on Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection Books

Environment Protection can be termed as the activity of protecting or saving the environment from being destroyed. The environment can be considered natural habitats and species i.e. the entire biodiversity. It is an act where we can conserve the environment and repair the damages caused to it which is quite a lengthy process requiring a