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What Are the Causes and Effects of Forest Fires?

Forest Fire

Forest fire is the uncontrolled fire in a forest or areas with thick vegetation. Such fires are widespread and lasts for a long time since they are difficult to control. Depending on the area and vegetation type these can be categorised as wildfire, brush fire, bush fire, desert fire, grass fire, hill fire, peat fire,

How to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Construction

Construction Waste

Buildings and construction activities together account for 36 percent of global energy use and 39 percent of carbon dioxide emissions, according to a report by the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction. The construction process consumes significant quantities of natural resources such as wood, glass, aluminum, all of which require energy and habitat destruction to

What is environmental sustainability?

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability includes perspectives on well being and human needs, health, education, clean air and water, and the safety of natural beauty that can continue indefinitely. It is quite obvious that the long term potential of our well being will depend on the proper maintenance of the natural resources in the current time. And if

Plastic Pollution | Types, Source, Effects

Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution is an accretion of plastic materials like plastic bottles, microbeads, and bags in the environment that in return unfavourably affects the wildlife habitat and human beings. Plastics are divided into micro and macro debris depending on their size. The chemical bonds of plastics render them to degrade naturally for many years and thus

Marine or Ocean Pollution | Meaning, Types & Causes

Marine Pollution - Ocean Pollution

What is Marine or Ocean Pollution? Marine pollution, ocean pollution or sea pollution is said to occur when toxic & harmful substances, debris, garbage or trash enters ocean or sea. Marine pollution is now a matter of concern all around the globe. The pollution is growing vigorously without any measure to prevent it. Harmful chemicals