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Environmental Sustainability Activities for Toddlers | Infographics – Planning Tank

Sustainable Development for Kids

The environment is everything around us. Trees, rivers, animals, forests or mountains. It is a concept that concerns everyone. Even, and above all, our children, the little budding eco-citizens! It is very important to pay attention to the environment and to preserve nature so that the planet remains beautiful. This is what we call “sustainable development”! Also Read – Environmental

How do environmental protection laws affect consumers?

Environmental Protection Laws affect - Consumers

Traditional consumer policies initiated by the European Union do not support the necessity of sustainable development. The policies only assist the consumers to guzzle as many natural resources as they wish. But sustainability is based on the concept of reduction in the amount of consumption of the resources in the environment. The difference cannot be

Environmental sustainability case studies

Environmental sustainability case studies

Inadequate or impaired assistance of Humans, Nature can itself sustain like enhancement of the soil. But we humans hinder the pace of nature’s sustainable process. This is due to our ill use of its natural resources. Thus, to maintain the apt balance of the ecology, humans require to utilize renewable resources in a planned way.