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Urban Transformation: A Study of Pune City

Pune Developed in the form of Concentric Rings

Pune City- Introduction Nestled amidst the Sahyadri hills in the vast, prosperous Indian state of Maharashtra, Pune has a population of 45lakh (Intach, 2007). Situated at the height of 560m above sea level at the confluence of the Mula and Mutha rivers, it is surrounded by hills, valleys and historic forts (Intach, 2007).  Pune is

Impact of Globalisation on the Role of Planners

Role of Planners

Introduction: “Globalisation can be defined as the increasing interconnectedness of people, places, institutions, production, trade, and finance in real time throughout the world and its biosphere” (Afshar, Pezzoli, 2001, p. 277). Globalisation has both its advantages and disadvantages, and it has made a growing impact on planning as a discipline. Planning practice has become more

Achieving Sustainable Development Goals | Energy Sector of India

Energy Demand by Fuel in selected end use sectors in India

India, home to 18% of the world’s population, uses only 6% of the world’s primary energy. India’s energy consumption has almost doubled since 2000 and the potential for further rapid growth is enormous. India is set to contribute more than any other country to the projected rise in global energy demand, around one-quarter of the

Odd Even Rule in Delhi | Reason, Merits & Demerits

Odd Even rule cooperation from people

Odd Even scheme as a tool for traffic management & pollution reduction The smooth operation of a transportation system demands limited usage of private vehicles and a widespread consumption of public vehicles with adequate infrastructure to support it. However, a tendency within the citizens to travel in increased comfort and showcase a status symbol alters

Efficiency and Usefulness of Master Plan Approach in India

Master Plan

In India, the nomenclature master plan and development plan is being used without much distinction. It is however, the Third Five Year Plan that defined the term ‘Master Plan’ as a statutory instrument for controlling, directing and promoting sound and rational development and redevelopment of an urban area with a view to achieving maximum economic,

Land suitability Analysis using Remote Sensing and GIS: Case Study- AVKUDA

Title: Land suitability Analysis for Urban Plan Preparation Using Remote Sensing and GIS (A Case of Anand-Vidyanagar-Karamsad Development Plan) Authors: Mehul Darshak, Assitant Professor, D.C.Patel School of Architecture, APIED, Campus V.V.Nagar, India Rajansinh Zala, Visiting Faculty, Bhaikaka Cetnre for Human Settlement, APIED, Campus, V.V.Nagar, India Manthan Bhandari, Assistant Professor, Architecture Department, Laxmi Institute of Architecture, Sarigam, India Prof. (Dr.)