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Population density

Population density is the measurement of the number of people living in a square area. Population density is also used with reference to plant and animal population as well in the understanding of ecology. However, it is a common measurement used on the human population. It is found that favorable conditions like suitable land for …

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Population Pyramid

What is Population Pyramid?

A Population Pyramid is basically a graphical representation of the distribution of various age groups in males and females in a region. It is also frequently called the “age-sex pyramid”. The male population is shown on the left of the pyramid and the female on the right. It can be represented with numerical values of …

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Projected population in urban areas and growth rates from 2018 to 2030

What is Population Geography?

Population Geography is the study of the demography from a geographical perspective. Population Geography helps to understand the various facets pertaining to the spatial variation in the distribution of the human population across the Earth with reference to the physical, cultural and socio-economic environment. Post World War II there was increasing availability of population data …

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