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Applications of Machine Learning

AI Machine Learning

Understanding Machine Learning  Machine learning is an essential aspect of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It improves the ability of systems simply to learn and rectify from experience without any programming. It mainly focuses on the expansion of computer software and programs that can do data mining, data processing, access data and make use if it for

How to Conduct Better, More Valuable Surveys

Understanding User Preference

At their core, surveys bring a wide range of different benefits to the table that you just won’t be able to replicate through other means of data collection. Not only are they great for high representativeness – meaning that they are a perfect opportunity to get insight from a large population group – they’re also

Cluster Analysis

Density Based Cluster Analysis

Cluster analysis is a set of techniques or methods which were used to classify objects, cases, figures into relative groups. These related groups are further classified as clusters. Cluster analysis is also known by the name of numerical taxonomy or classification analysis. In cluster analysis, there is no information directly related to groups or clusters. It

How to make your websites & application HCI friendly

Designing HCI friendly interface

A website is more than the collection of pages connected with links. It’s an interface, space where unique things — for this situation, a man and an organization’s or person’s web presence — meet, convey, and influence each other. That interaction creates an ordeal for the guest, and as a web designer, you must guarantee

Dive Deeper into the Fundamentals of Machine Learning

Machine learning brain

Machine Learning is like a buzzword for all the technologists around. Recalling the simple definition, Machine Learning is a variant of artificial intelligence (AI) that aids software applications in depicting the outcome without going further into programming mode. The main agenda behind machine learning is the use of algorithms that can analyse the output with

What is Data Mapping | Importance, Software, Example & Use

data mapping

Data Mapping – What is it? Talking about the simple language, data mapping is a relationship between two data systems. Data mapping connects two different types of data models together. In data integration process data mapping is one of the most important factors. Making it simpler, data mapping is all about finding how a computer