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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Data Collection

City Leaders are selling us to Tech Giants. And it's Disturbing!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is having fundamental impacts on so many different industries as well as our day to day lives. We can now use Siri and Alexa for multiple uses, we encounter customer service chatbots in our regular interactions with businesses, and there are even robots trading on the stock market. Data collection is just

Data Visualisation Methods | Graphs, Charts, Lines, Graphs

Data Visualization Methods

We are often overloaded with verbal information. However, the mind immediately rejects the need to read so much and prefers to have visual representations of the same data. This is data visualization. Good examples of data visualization are graphs and charts. Data visualization has applications in the formal presentations where you need to present numbers

What is Visual Data Mining?

Data Visualization

Whether you work as a data analyst, run a data-centric startup or want to learn more about data mining as a whole, visual data mining can be an interesting place to start. According to Finances Online, 53% of companies still rely on their CFO for data analytics without delving into specialized software or data mining,

What is a Data Processing System?

Data Processing System

M&As have become quite commonplace in nearly every industry now. From food industries to banks to even the gaming developing studios, today’s businesspersons consider mergers and acquisitions a key to their companies’ survival. And a very important part of any M&A is data analytics. Data analytics plays a crucial role in the decision-making and survival

Binary Number System – A Virtual Reality

Data Processing

Whether you are a computer worm or not, you might have heard people talking about number “one” & “Zero.” It was all I know about the digital devices before I started programming. But as I progressed with computer programming, I came to realize that these “ones” and “zero’s” have the capacity of not only being