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City Branding Example – Singapore City

City Branding Example - Singapore City

City Branding – Does it really works? City branding is a long process with uncertain results. The expectations might not give the desired results if things do not go as per the plans. If the desired result is achieved than its equivalent to a miracle and the city gets revamped for good. All the stakeholder

Green city life: Copenhagen

Green City Life Copenhagen

What makes life at Copenhagen different Copenhagen, European Green Capital 2014 [1], the city that is pursuing sustainability with ambitions of carbon neutrality and with “smart” climate change adaptation plans [2]. The city, where thousands of conscious inhabitants on their own, day by day choose to contribute to the improvement of their environment by various

Stages of City Branding

Stages of City Branding

Stages of City Branding – A Continuous and Long Process The concept of city branding is not known to many and thus often ignored. Stakeholders at different levels have in depth discussions and deliberation for deciding the “brand” which they wish to impart to the city. This is a long process and thus various stages of

Loss of walkable cities

Loss of walkable cities

A brief history – What went wrong? Once cities were meant to be a workplace for its residents but as the technology advanced the characteristics of cities changed. The famous neighbourhood concept which aimed at providing all required facilities at walkable distance faded. Industrial revolution changed all aspects of life including the way people commuted. A