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5 Tips to Revive Public Spaces

Placemaking is a great movement which has revived many streets worldwide. Even in India, with the growth of local artists and murals coming around the country, and independent artists making their mark, placemaking is being implemented. There are many ways to re-activate our streets if we think about how we can do so. Paint and

Examples of Art in the Urban Streetscape

A city is a place for art. It helps artists showcase their talents through urban art, landscapes, architecture, urban planning which offers many opportunities for people living in cities. The geography of a landscape is closely linked to the artistic aura it produces. Chelsea Street in London and streetscapes of Brooklyn and Manhattan in New

5 Factors Influencing Tourist Destination and Tourism

Factors Deciding Tourist Destination - Recommendations

Deciding where to travel can be both exciting and difficult. Anyone who loves to travel can attest to that – the world is full of beautiful destinations and interesting places to explore. What, then, is the thing that makes us choose one place over another? Knowing what makes tourists choose their travel destination is crucial